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 |  2023-03-14

Veterans Affairs Uses Telehealth Solutions to Increase Healthcare Access

Telehealth solutions are improving healthcare access for veterans, with Tryten's mobile medical carts playing a significant role. Now available on the GSA Advantage site, these carts are helping government agencies provide quality care to veterans in need.
Veterans Use Telehealth Solutions

For many veterans, accessing quality healthcare has been a struggle marked by long wait times and scarce resources. However, with the rise of telehealth solutions, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been able to address this issue and expand healthcare services to veterans in need. Additionally, Tryten's mobile medical carts are significantly helping veterans receive the care they need.

In this blog, we will explore the pivotal role of telehealth in VA healthcare, the recent addition of Tryten’s carts on the GSA Advantage site through our partnership with CME Corporation., and how Tryten’s carts can help veterans receive quality healthcare services.

How Telehealth Helps Veterans

Telehealth has been a game-changer for veterans facing barriers to healthcare access, particularly those living in rural settings. A staggering 24% of veterans live in rural areas, with over half being over the age of 65 - a demographic that is more susceptible to chronic conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure problems. Additionally, many veterans suffer from mental health issues and require special care, often only available at distant regional medical hubs.

Telehealth solutions allow for seamless communication between medical practitioners in different locations, enabling them to provide high-quality care to veterans through video consultations.

A study on PubMed found that VA telemedicine “improves access, productivity, and the quality and coordination of care.” Patients suffering from chronic diseases enjoyed more frequent consultations and better disease management.  

A 2020 Oxford Academic article stated that telehealth solutions:

  • Improved quality of life for veterans and caregivers
  • Improved access to resources like durable medical equipment
  • Enabled speedier diagnosis and treatment
  • Provided enhanced protection against the spread of COVID-19

The Role of Telehealth in VA

The VA has been using telehealth since the 1990s. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its use, with the VA handling over 11.2 million telehealth visits in 2021. Remote monitoring, video conferencing, and other technologies have made it possible to bring care to remote and rural areas where quality healthcare services are often lacking.

The VA is using telehealth in a forward-thinking way to change how patients interact with the healthcare system. Telehealth makes it possible for patients to connect with the healthcare system in innovative and efficient ways, creating a more comprehensive and connected care system.

With over 7,650 sites of care and 60+ steps to ensure the safe, effective, cost-effective and sustainable implementation of telehealth, VA has set the bar for telehealth in the healthcare industry. The high levels of patient satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes have further attested to VA's leadership in this direction, making telehealth an indispensable tool in providing comprehensive care to veterans.

The Complete Solution Supporting Telehealth

A crucial element for the success of telehealth services is the safe and secure mobile mounting of expensive monitors, tablets, computers, and audiovisual equipment. Having the capability to safely and conveniently move equipment enables healthcare providers to extend their reach and provide care to more patients and clinicians, all while reducing the need for costly equipment purchases.

Tryten's innovative mobile medical carts provide unparalleled support for a wide range of audiovisual and medical devices, streamlining telehealth and improving clinical care and patient outcomes. Our mission is to meet the unique needs of clinicians and patients, regardless of location or circumstance. With our workflow-enhancing, budget-friendly, and compact platforms, Tryten is the perfect solution for healthcare providers looking to optimize their telehealth capabilities.

Tryten Carts Are Available on the GSA Advantage Site

Tryten is excited to announce that through our partnership with CME Corp., our lightweight and versatile mobile medical carts will now be available on the GSA Advantage site. We take great pride in our collaboration with CME Corp. to streamline the process for government agencies to use our telehealth solutions to improve patient care for veterans. We share a commitment to providing high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers, and this partnership allows us to do just that.

Choose the Best Tryten Cart for Your Telehealth Needs

With mobile medical carts, providers can deliver quality virtual healthcare to CBOCs, VA hospitals, and even private clinics in rural areas. Tryten offers four models to cover any need in any setting. All of Tryten’s virtual care carts deliver:

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  • High Mobility: Lightweight, sturdy, and perfectly balanced, these flexible workstations travel securely from one location to another, gliding effortlessly on four wheels that even handle carpets. 
  • Affordability: Tryten medical carts are cost-effective and still deliver sturdy, reliable functionality that looks great.
  • Device Compatibility: We know every healthcare provider has unique needs, so we work diligently to make our products compatible with all major tablet manufacturers.
  • Rapid Deployment: Tryten carts are easy to set up and deploy fast. These workhorse carts have a small footprint, making them handy.
  • Expert Advice: Our accessible representatives provide remote support to help you design, equip, and troubleshoot your carts. When you need help, we’re just an email or a phone away.
  • Full Customization: Choose from a full range of custom, adjustable brackets designed to hold any medical device, computer, or AV equipment.
  • 5-year Limited Warranty: We prioritize durability and quality when designing our medical equipment. That’s why we guarantee every Tryten cart and accessory with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • OEM Branding. Put your brand on our virtual care technology. You can add your logo to the cart base, integrate custom technology, and more.
Tryten S1 Tablet and Medical Device Cart

Tryten S1 — Empowering Clinicians and Patients 

The Tryten S1 is more than just an audiovisual support cart. It is superbly designed to pair with miniaturized medical devices. The articulating arm holds tablets precisely and securely in the best position for optimum viewing, while the whisper-quiet, lockable wheels facilitate instant mobility.

The S1 is a welcome addition to any point of care. It supports patient registration, medical devices, and AV equipment on a tip-resistant platform that doubles as a telehealth or telemedicine cart. 

Tryten’s extensive experience designing custom medical cart solutions for industry leaders, like Butterfly and Phillips Sonicare, and surgical centers has led to many thoughtful features besides the lockable articulating arm holding tablets up to 2.95” and 3.5 lbs.  

  • A VESA mount is available to attach a flatscreen monitor securely. 
  • A utility box provides power points to plug in devices.
  • Concealed cables make wiping down the medical-grade components easy. 
  • 40+ Tryten accessories support any use.

The Tryten S1 supports workflows including Telehealth, Virtual Visits, VRI, Virtual Rounding, and EHR.

Tryten S2 — Affordable iPad and Tablet Telehealth Cart  

If you need an inexpensive telehealth cart to hold a lightweight AV or medical device at any point of care, the S2 offers a small footprint with the impeccable quality of all Tryten carts. 

The tilting tablet bracket pans 180° and rotates 360°, enabling the optimum angle for tablets up to 12.95” and 3.5 lbs. A VESA mount is available to support monitors securely, and you can easily mount a bracket for Jabra Speak conference-quality audio. Discover more about Tryten’s popular S2 telehealth cart that can also support miniaturized medical devices. It’s ideal for monitoring and communicating with distant patients. 

Tryten S5 — When You Need Extra Height On a More Robust Cart 

The Tryten S5 stands above other medical carts thanks to its extra-tall frame. Its sturdy construction makes it a reliable medical computer cart, too. With broad device capability using fast-to-swap brackets and modules, it’s easy to equip the S5 with your preferred AV equipment and medical devices, like the ThinkLabs One stethoscope. A VESA mount supports monitors up to 22”. You can also mount a camera and conference speaker/microphone, making telemedicine easy in any setting. 

Let’s Create Your Unique Solution 

With Tryten's mobile medical carts available on the GSA Advantage site, government agencies like the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can offer uninterrupted healthcare access to veterans.

At Tryten, we understand that every healthcare facility has unique wants, which is why our mobile medical carts are designed to be highly customizable and adaptable. From requirements like additional storage to specialized equipment integration, our carts can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experts are always ready to work with you to ensure that your cart is configured to optimize your workflow and provide veterans with the highest quality of care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize your mobile medical cart.  

Benjamin Stewart
Benjamin Stewart
Director of Marketing