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Endoscope Carts

Safe and Portable Endoscope

Whether you provide emergency care or routine procedures, a portable endoscope cart makes all the difference. With a mobile cart, you can stay organized and quickly move equipment to where it’s needed most while protecting staff health and safety.
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Hospital Endoscope Cart

Endoscopy Made Simple With Tryten Endoscope Cart

Medical equipment is a necessary investment. The right equipment with the right features makes it easier for staff to provide high-quality, efficient patient care and saves care costs. 

A Portable Endoscope Cart

Medical carts are supposed to encourage efficiency, but the bulky nature of most is a hindrance rather than an innovation. In line with advancing endoscopy technology, the Tryten endoscope cart is portable and versatile, ready to connect with modern applications.  

Lightweight and Secure

Lightweight and easy to use, the Tryten endoscope cart shifts seamlessly from the bedside to the operating theatre. The wide base and locking wheels make it easy to position and secure in place, and stable for any setting. Plus, keep portable tablets and flatscreen monitors safely fastened in place with a lockable articulating arm and VESA mount. 


The compact tower design is ideal for limited space or corner storage while offering plenty of storage. Keep equipment and supplies organized in one place with a gel and scope holder and a supply caddy. Concealed cable management also offers secure operation and easy cleaning.

Endoscope Tablet on Cart - Detail

Endoscope Cart Advantages

The Tryten endoscope cart provides clinicians with many benefits, including:
Tryten Endoscope Cart   Medical grade
Medical-grade Equipment

Tryten carts are made with aluminum and plastic components, specifically for healthcare settings. Units are fully wipeable and approved for operating rooms.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Ease of Use
Ease of Use

The Tryten endoscope cart offers full tablet tilt and rotation for the best view of your patient. Pan the screen 180 degrees or rotate around 360 degrees and position the tablet for the best ease of use.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Affordable

The Tryten cart is low-cost, helping you reduce the need for large, expensive diagnostic machines. Portable solutions are affordable options that bring the procedure to the patient, lower the overhead costs of machinery, and lower your need for referrals.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Warranty

The Tryten endoscope cart comes with a 5-year limited warranty. We design our carts for longevity and guarantee our workmanship and materials for worry-free ownership and a high-quality experience.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - OEM Branding
OEM Branding

Have a specific design in mind? With original equipment manufacturer (OEM) capabilities, we can customize an endoscope cart to your needs. We work with software applications and device manufacturing companies and can help you build the next best-in-class integrated cart.

tryten w1
Tip Resistant

Tryten endoscope carts have sturdy tip-resistant frames that glide over any surface, including carpets. Our carts meet IEC 60601 standards, making them safe for medical settings.

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Tryten Endoscope Cart

A safe and portable endoscope cart is central to an efficient procedure and the patient and clinician experience. Learn how Tryten can equip you with the right tools for a better workflow. Contact us today.