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Telestroke Cart

Patients who experience strokes need timely intervention from a skilled neurologist for the best possible outcome. During telestroke — also known as stroke telemedicine — a remote neurologist evaluates the stroke patient and consults with the local hospital team to develop a treatment plan. The Tryten telestroke cart allows hospitals to quickly bring remote neurologists on-site to provide immediate care for stroke patients.
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Hospital Telestroke Cart

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Learn More About the Tryten Telestroke Cart

When a patient experiences a stroke, they need accurate and fast treatment from a skilled neurologist. The Tryten telestroke cart improves patient outcomes by allowing the hospital to seek the expertise of a remote neurologist quickly. Our customizable cart will swiftly carry the right audiovisual equipment and medical devices to the patient so that the neurologist can start their examination as soon as possible.  

Interested in learning more about how Tryten’s telestroke cart can help you connect remote neurologists and stroke patients?

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Telestroke Cart