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Telestroke Cart

Patients who experience strokes need timely intervention from a skilled neurologist for the best possible outcome. During telestroke — also known as stroke telemedicine — a remote neurologist evaluates the stroke patient and consults with the local hospital team to develop a treatment plan. The Tryten telestroke cart allows hospitals to quickly bring remote neurologists on-site to provide immediate care for stroke patients.
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Hospital Telestroke Cart

Tryten Telestroke Cart:
The Best Solution When Every Second Counts

The Tryten telestroke cart transports audiovisual equipment and medical devices to the patient’s bedside. These tools allow a remote neurologist from a telestroke program to thoroughly assess and diagnose the patient, administer the NIH stroke scale, and collaborate with on-site providers to create an appropriate patient treatment plan. Practitioners and patients will benefit from the workstation’s innovative features, including: 

  • Expanded Device Compatibility: With the Tryten telestroke cart, you can equip practitioners with the most effective and up-to-date technology. Our cart is fully compatible with every app developer, major medical device, and tablet manufacturer.
  • Completely Customizable Setup: The Tryten telestroke cart has a modular design that accommodates a variety of custom and standardized accessories and mounting brackets. These add-ons allow you to tailor your setup to suit the latest medical devices and technology.
  • Designed for Mobility: The Tryten telestroke cart is a lightweight and highly maneuverable platform designed to transport equipment rapidly to patient bedsides.Tryten carts have integrated handles and four whisper-quiet wheels, allowing staff to move and position the workstations. The carts’ stylish offset design also provides optimal weight distribution, ensuring that the carts won’t tip over while in motion.
  • OEM Branding Available: Tryten’s expert engineering team can use computer-aided design to add Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) branding to your telestroke cart. We’ll seamlessly blend your logos and technology with our innovative cart design to create a platform that will meet all of your unique needs. If you want to sell your cart design commercially, we can provide your business with rapid and scalable manufacturing.
Mobile Telestroke Cart - Detail

Telestroke Cart Advantages

The Tryten telestroke cart provides many unique advantages for practitioners and patients, including:
Tryten Surgical Display Cart - Ergonomic and Customizable Design
Flexible Design

Every Tryten cart is built for the long haul with the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. You can easily add new accessories, switch to a new tablet, and upgrade your medical devices. And if you can’t find the add-on you need on our website, get in touch with us so we can work with you to design the perfect accessory.

Telestroke Cart - Coordinated Cable Magement
Coordinated Cable Management

Telestroke services typically require multiple audiovisual and medical devices, and the number of cables and power cords can add up quickly. With the Tryten telestroke cart, you’ll never have to worry about someone accidentally disconnecting or tripping over your cables. Our intelligently designed cart features a concealed cable management system that will keep your cords safely and securely tucked away.

tryten w1
Easy Assembly and Deployment

Stroke patients need immediate care, so you don’t have time to waste setting up a complicated workstation. Fortunately, we’ve designed the Tryten telestroke cart for convenience and simplicity. You can easily assemble and deploy your Tryten cart in minutes without the need for factory support.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Affordable

Compared to competitor workstations, Tryten medical carts typically cost 30 to 50% less. And thanks to the Tryten telestroke cart’s universal device compatibility and customizable setup, you can keep reusing your workstation for years as you upgrade your devices. This can add up to big savings in the long run.

Tryten X1   AV Display and Workstation   Easy setup
Agile Handling

The Tryten telestroke cart has a compact frame and an integrated handle for nimble handling. Providers can easily set up and reposition the cart as the remote neurologist conducts their exa

tryten w1
Simple Sanitization

Tryten carts are constructed from medical-grade components. Providers can easily clean and sanitize carts after each patient consultation, preventing the spread of disease.

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Learn More About the Tryten Telestroke Cart

When a patient experiences a stroke, they need accurate and fast treatment from a skilled neurologist. The Tryten telestroke cart improves patient outcomes by allowing the hospital to seek the expertise of a remote neurologist quickly. Our customizable cart will swiftly carry the right audiovisual equipment and medical devices to the patient so that the neurologist can start their examination as soon as possible.  

Interested in learning more about how Tryten’s telestroke cart can help you connect remote neurologists and stroke patients?

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Telestroke Cart