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Cardiology Carts

Safe, portable transport for ECG carts.
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Hospital ECG Cart

Tryten ECG Carts

One of the most critical equipment in any hospital or clinic is the electrocardiogram or EGC/EKG machine. These diagnostic devices are an essential part of diagnosing and monitoring patients.

Like most diagnostic equipment, ECG machines are both heavy and delicate. They are small enough to be wheeled into a room and brought to the patient’s bedside but too bulky to carry without assistance.

That’s where the Tryten ECG cart comes in. Our sturdy, easy-to-handle carts take the effort out of moving your equipment from room to room. Their narrow profile keeps aisles clear and helps avoid clutter in the hallways.

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Storage and Accessories

Portable diagnostic equipment improves workflow by reducing the time between patient visits. Medical staff no longer need to wait for patients to be brought to special rooms or for heavy equipment to be brought out of storage. Instead, lightweight carts can be kept in the patients’ rooms or dedicated storerooms and moved efficiently during rounds.

However, this efficiency is eliminated if staff must constantly return to the stockroom for supplies. Tryten can solve that problem too. Our ECG carts are compatible with a wide array of supply caddies and baskets to store everything needed for the day.

ECG carts can be fitted with battery packs for complete portability and power boxes if they are kept in a single room for extended periods. In addition, all Tryten carts are fully compatible with all popular brands and models of ECG devices.

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Custom Branding and Design

If you are a medical equipment manufacturer looking for a complete ECG system, Tryten can help you give your clients a complete package. We will work with you to fit your equipment to our carts and put your logo and brand on customized carts and accessories.

Tryten is ISO 9001:2015 certified, giving our clients the quality assurance they expect from a medical supply company. In addition, all our products come with a five-year limited warranty, and we will work to meet every specification you provide. 

We can provide the same specialized design assistance to hospitals and clinics looking for a unique branding opportunity for their facility. We know that your facility may have various equipment from various manufacturers. We can help you fit this equipment into matching design carts, giving your facility a uniform appearance.

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Special Orders and Other Questions

Tryten offers our customers a 60-day trial to test our products and solutions before purchase. Just ask our customer service representative when making your order. You can return the demo or request further assistance if anything isn't right.

When you’re ready to purchase your ECG cart, or any other medical device cart, call us at 1-800-860-4455, or visit our contact page and leave us your information. We’ll be in touch right away to discuss your ECG cart needs.

ECG workflows made easy with Tryten

Upgrade your ECG carts for a smoother, safer, and more reliable experience. Talk with one of our mobility experts today.