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Tablet & Medical Device Carts

Today’s iPads, Surfaces, and digital medical devices need lightweight and easy to maneuver carts to ensure safe and secure clinical workflows. Look no further than the Tryten S series.

Tryten S1

If you’re looking for optimal versatility and bedside flexibility, look no further than the Tryten S1. Featuring a patented articulating arm and available in tablet or VESA mount configurations, the S1 will improve many point of care workflows in ways you only dreamed.

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Tryten s1 ct

Tryten S2

The S2 is Tryten’s smallest and simplest platform for tablets and medical devices. The S2 assembles in minutes and comes with a range of accessories to mobilize your favorite digital devices.

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Tryten S3

The Tryten S3 is laptop mobility reinvented. Featuring a height-adjustable, easy to clean work surface and clever hidden cable management, The S3 is ideal for laptop-based patient intake and data entry workflows. Take it wherever you need to go.

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Tryten S4

Meet the Tryten S4 – perfect for those situations where more height and more versatility are needed, such as NICU infant observation, virtual monitoring in the operating room, and more. The S4 adds Tryten’s patented articulating arm to the top of the S5 and can hold other popular Tryten accessories safely and securely.

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[With Tryten] we don’t have to worry about the wind knocking the carts over, or having problems moving the carts over carpet… you know doctors don’t want a flimsy system that’s tripping over the rugs or has the ability to fall… they want quality.”

Isaiah Nathaniel, CIO, Delaware Valley Health Center

We’ll make the S series work for you.

Contact us today to explore how our S series tablet and medical device carts can improve point of care workflows for both your providers and your patients.

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