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 |   |   |  2023-03-23

Tryten Medical Monitor and Tablet Carts Now Available on GSA through CME Corp

Tryten, a leading provider of secure tech solutions, is pleased to announce that their medical tablet and telehealth carts are now available on the GSA Schedule through their partner CME Corp.
Tryten Medical Monitor and Tablet Carts Now Available on GSA through CME Corp

SEATTLE, WA -- The Tryten carts are now listed on GSA Advantage, the online shopping and ordering system used by federal agencies, including the Veterans Administration (VA). CME Corp, a national healthcare equipment distributor, has partnered with Tryten to bring their state-of-the-art medical carts to government healthcare facilities nationwide. CME Corp has a longstanding reputation for providing quality products and exceptional customer service to government agencies, including the VA, and is committed to delivering innovative and reliable healthcare solutions. 

The Tryten medical tablet and telehealth carts are designed to improve the efficiency of healthcare providers and enhance the patient experience. These carts provide a secure platform for telehealth consultations, enabling doctors and nurses to provide remote patient care, which is particularly important in today's world, where virtual consultations have become increasingly popular. The carts also offer a mobile, ergonomic platform for patient care that can be customized to fit the specific needs of each healthcare provider. 

Tryten is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of healthcare providers. The company's products are built to the highest standards, ensuring reliability and safety while providing a user-friendly interface that is easy for healthcare professionals. Adding their carts to the GSA Schedule, Tryten is making their products more accessible to government healthcare providers, including VA hospitals. 

"We are thrilled to be partnering with the world-class team at CME Corp to bring our medical tablet and telehealth carts to the VA and other government healthcare facilities," said Matt Wall, Tryten Director of Business Development. "Our products are designed to improve patient outcomes and streamline healthcare delivery, and we are excited to work with CME Corp to bring these benefits to even more healthcare providers." 

For more information about Tryten's medical tablet and monitor carts, visit Tryten, Capsa Healthcare, CME Corp, or GSA Advantage websites. 

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Benjamin Stewart
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