For over 20 years, Tryten has been trusted as an industry leading creator of security solutions for tech hardware, including iPad Kiosks, Laptop Locks and Tablet Carts. Tryten provides innovative and customized products for clients in a wide range of industries including healthcare, government, education and business. Tryten recognizes the vulnerability of electronic equipment to theft, accidental damage, and mishandling. We have created a suite of outstanding products to meet the expressed needs of our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

At Tryten we are proud to offer feedback-based solutions to our customers. In addition to offering a trusted product line, Tryten boasts an outstanding sales and customer relations team. Our success is derived from listening to our customers, from taking the time to dialogue and from answering questions.

Tryten is additionally proud to offer first-class fulfillment and delivery options that will transport your order where and when it is needed. We provide value-added services such as inventory management, kitting/assembly, drop shipping, distribution, and order delivery to multiple addresses. Most orders ship by the same or next day.


As an industry leader in designing and manufacturing IT security products, we have made quality our reputation. To ensure that all our products meet the highest standards, we put our innovative designs through rigorous quality control measures including screening checkpoints, specialized line inspections, and strength testing. Accordingly, our annual rate of product returns due to manufacturing defects is less than .001%.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on every product we manufacture, but you won’t need it because we make it right the first time.