About Tryten

Beautiful. Simple. Clever Solutions.

Mission Statement

Tryten creates innovative mobile vehicle solutions for Healthcare, Education, Government, and Enterprise Businesses.  We are working to make the world a better place by unlocking the power of collaboration technology with beautiful, simple, clever products that enable users to operate mobile devices in a secure, ergonomic, hands-free way.

Our Company

In Healthcare, Tryten provides mobile vehicle solutions for EHR workstations, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Tele-sitting, and Telehealth Encounters to improve the patient and provider experience.  Our goal is to help improve population health and reduce the cost of care. Tryten manufactures mobile carts that support video conferencing solutions provided by a variety of partners in the software, monitor, and camera marketplace. For over 20 years, Tryten has offered tested and secure solutions to enable value-based care when and where it is most needed. 

In Education, our affordable carts are placed in the classroom to enable remote students to safely participate in live classroom instruction, providing a cost-effective hybrid learning alternative.  To further support safety at school, Tryten provides carts that support the school nurse whether it is for screening or to bring in remote healthcare experts for telemedicine.  

In Government and Enterprise Business, Tryten collaborates with partners to bring innovative solutions to the market for emerging applications like employee/visitor screening, thermal imaging for groups or individuals, and extension of  fixed video conferencing ‘rooms’ to mobile ‘cart-based rooms’ so that the features afforded a room-based video platform are available from our lightweight, easy to push-and-position affordable cart.

Tryten gives innovators the courage to imagine the future and pursue the possibilities. We help make their ambitions a reality by developing elegant, effective, reliable solutions. We support a better tomorrow by supporting the visionaries of today.