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Tryten S5 Monitor Cart

Sometimes, you need extra height to get the job done right. The Tryten S5 cart is a flexible and reliable tool that you can use in a range of healthcare services. This custom medical cart provides all the convenience and functionality you’ll find in the rest of the S series carts in a taller package.
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S5 Medical Mobile Workstation Cart

Extend Your Reach with the Tryten S5’s Advanced Features

The Tryten S5 is a small cart with a big reach. You can use this versatile workstation to conduct virtual rounds, connect a patient with a remote interpreter, transport medical devices, and more. 

  • Extra Tall Frame: The Tryten S5 stands above other medical carts thanks to its extra-tall frame. The workstation has a pole extension that you can use to increase its height up to 68.7”. This length gives remote providers a fuller view of patients and offers more space to attach accessories. 
  • Broad Device Compatibility: The flexible S5 can accommodate tablets or Vesa-mounted monitors up to 22”. The cart is compatible with all major apps, medical peripherals, and tablets, so you can use your favorite technology.
  • Compact Base: The S5 cart’s four-wheeled base has a small footprint for easy handling and storage. 
  • Concealed Cable Management System:The workstation’s height-adjustable utility box and a cord wrap channel keep unwieldy cables and power cords stashed out of sight. 
  • Smart DesignThe S5 has a modular design that combines aesthetic appeal with practical functions. The sleek cart has an ergonomic integrated handle for smooth transportation.
  • Tip Resistance: Every Tryten medical cart is IEC 60601 tested for tip resistance. You can add multiple devices to the cart without fear that it will topple over and cause injury or damage to equipment. 
S5 Medical Mobile Workstation

Tryten S5 Advantages

When you add the Tryten S5 to your workflow, you’ll enjoy these advantages:
Tryten Vital Signs Monitor - Improved Workflow and Reduced Traffic
5-Year Limited Warranty

We prioritize durability and quality when designing our medical equipment. That’s why we guarantee every Tryten accessory and medical cart with a 5-year limited warranty. When you buy the S5, you can feel confident that you are making a sound long-term investment.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Affordable
Cost-Effective, Now and Later

The Tryten S5 is a durable, low-maintenance, and reasonably priced workstation. You’ll save money during the initial purchase and later when you don’t need to pay for costly repairs or upgrades.

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Expert Advice

Our accessible representatives provide remote support to help you design, equip, and troubleshoot your S5. When you need help, we’re just an email or a phone away.

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Rapid Deployment

If you’re looking for a versatile, workhorse small medical cart, the Tryten S5 has everything you need. And at a price you’ll appreciate.

Let’s Talk Details

Tryten can equip the versatile S5 cart to suit your patient’s needs and improve your workflow. You can use the cart for in-person or virtual healthcare services. Get in touch with our friendly representatives today. We can help you design the perfect medical cart for your unique situation and provide a no-obligation quote. 

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