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Medical Device Carts

From ultrasound to telecardiology, vital sign monitoring and beyond, we help you store, move, and use today’s smaller and more powerful medical devices.
tryten solutions for medical devices

Ultrasound Carts

Portable ultrasound devices are increasingly popular thanks to innovative digital technologies. Give your ultrasound a safe and secure home on a Tryten medical device cart.

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Hospital Ultrasound Cart

Endoscope Carts

Help your physicians focus on the task at hand while keeping your equipment safe, clean, and discreetly nearby.

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Hospital Endoscope Cart

Vital Sign Monitoring Carts

A core workflow in virtually every primary care facility, Tryten medical device carts make vital sign monitoring smooth and simple wherever and whenever the need arises.

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Hospital Vital Sign Cart

Cardiology Carts

Today’s smaller, lighter ECGs need smaller, lighter carts to suit their workflows. Tryten has you covered.

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Hospital ECG Cart

It's important that the equipment used in a hospital meets rigorous standards when caring for patients. Tryten products have met and exceeded those standards.

Daniel Cording, Senior Analyst, Tucson Medical Center

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