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Virtual Rounding Cart

Hospitals use audiovisual devices and software during virtual rounding to connect remote healthcare providers and patients seamlessly. With the right technology, you can virtually visit your patients and collaborate with their care teams to provide timely treatment. No matter where you are in the world, Tryten’s virtual rounding carts make it easy and efficient for you to communicate with your patients and keep their care on track.
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Hospital Virtual Rounding Cart

Find Out More About Tryten Virtual Rounding Carts

Virtual rounding has revolutionized hospital care by allowing remote providers to visit patients from any location. With Tryten’s virtual rounding carts, you can use devices, and medical peripherals to communicate with colleagues, examine patients and receive status updates. Whether you’re across the hospital or in another state, you can provide accurate and timely care for the patients who need you the most. 

Tryten can help you devise the perfect solution for all of your virtual rounding needs.

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Virtual Rounding Cart