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Virtual Rounding Cart

Hospitals use audiovisual devices and software during virtual rounding to connect remote healthcare providers and patients seamlessly. With the right technology, you can virtually visit your patients and collaborate with their care teams to provide timely treatment. No matter where you are in the world, Tryten’s virtual rounding carts make it easy and efficient for you to communicate with your patients and keep their care on track.
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Hospital Virtual Rounding Cart

Tryten Virtual Rounding Cart:
The Ultimate Bedside Solution

We offer two customizable carts that are particularly suited for your unique virtual rounding needs: the Tryten S1 Tablet and Medical Devices Cart and the Tryten X1 AV Display and Workstation Cart. The S1 and the X1 models blend elegant designs with innovative technological solutions.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Tryten’s virtual rounding carts maximize patient comfort. Our simple yet stylish carts allow you to see and speak directly with patients, making remote rounds more comfortable and personal.
  • Universal Device Compatibility: Our virtual rounding carts are compatible with every application development, central medical device, and tablet manufacturer. You can confidently select new devices and software, knowing that our carts will accommodate them.
  • Tailored for Every Technology: With Tryten’s extensive selection of affordable medical cart accessories and brackets, you can mount any device or technology to our virtual rounding carts. Don’t see the accessory that you need in our catalog? Get in touch with us, and our team will work with you to design the perfect custom add-on. 
  • Maximum Mobility: Virtual rounding carts must travel quickly between patient bedsides and other settings. The S1 and X1 carts have lightweight frames and whisper-quiet wheels for easy mobility and positioning. 
  • OEM Branding Options: Tryten is a leading custom medical cart OEM vendor. Our expert team will work with you to combine our innovative carts with your unique branding and technology.
Mobile Virtual Rounding Cart - Detail

Virtual Rounding Cart Advantages

When you choose Tryten’s S1 or X1 carts for your virtual rounding needs,
you will enjoy these advantages:
Tryten Endoscope Cart   Medical grade
Tablet-Friendly Designs

The Tryten S1 is tailored for tablets, making it easy to integrate these popular tools in your virtual rounding. The S1 has a lockable tablet holder that can hold devices up to 12.95” and 3.5 pounds, and the patented height-adjustable articulating arm makes it easy for you to interact with patients. All other Tryten carts can also accommodate tablets with the appropriate bracket mounts.

Tryten Vital Signs Monitor - Improved Workflow and Reduced Traffic
Rapid Assembly and Deployment

You don’t need to be an IT whiz to assemble and deploy our virtual carts. You can set up our platforms in minutes without factory support, saving you energy and time. You can also easily add devices like keyboards, medical peripherals, and tablets.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Affordable

Our carts generally cost 30 to 50% less than competitor platforms and the savings don’t stop there. Because our carts are compatible with every device and technology, you can reuse them for years instead of needing to purchase a new platform with every upgrade.

tryten w1
Guaranteed Durability

We’ve designed our virtual rounding carts with durability and longevity in mind. When you choose a Tryten cart, you’re making a wise investment in your patient's present and future outcomes. All Tryten products come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Tryten Surgical Display Cart - Ergonomic and Customizable Design
Innovative Design

Our unique virtual rounding carts easily adapt to fit any camera, medical peripheral, and monitor. As your equipment evolves, so does your workstation, ensuring a smooth transition. Tryten's clever concealed cable management system also keeps cords neatly organized and safely tucked away, reducing the risk of accidental disconnections and tangles.

Tryten X1   AV Display and Workstation   Easy setup
Nimble Handling

While conducting virtual rounds, you need a cart that can quickly travel between bedsides and adjust to give you the best view of your patients. The Tryten S1 and X1 carts have integrated handles and locking, smooth-rolling wheels for easy maneuvering and transportation.

Build Your Perfect Virtual Rounding Cart

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Find Out More About Tryten Virtual Rounding Carts

Virtual rounding has revolutionized hospital care by allowing remote providers to visit patients from any location. With Tryten’s virtual rounding carts, you can use devices, and medical peripherals to communicate with colleagues, examine patients and receive status updates. Whether you’re across the hospital or in another state, you can provide accurate and timely care for the patients who need you the most. 

Tryten can help you devise the perfect solution for all of your virtual rounding needs.

Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our expert representatives or request a quote. 


Virtual Rounding Cart