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Tryten S1 (formerly Nova Pro)
The Medical Device Cart that Empowers Clinicians and Patients

The Tryten S1 is the perfect medical cart to partner with your miniaturized medical devices or audiovisual equipment. The S1’s articulating arm holds tablets or monitors securely in the proper position, while its whisper-quiet wheels provide instant mobility.
Clinicians and patients love the sleek design and functionality that enables the S1 to support medical devices or patient registration and serve as a superb telehealth cart or a telemedicine cart.
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Tryten S1 Medical Device Cart
Formerly the Tryten Nova Pro

Meet the Tryten S1

Tryten’s flagship medical cart is thoughtfully designed to empower clinicians and patients at any point of care.

The S1’s many impeccably designed features are a product of Tryten’s vast experience building custom medical cart solutions for surgical centers and manufacturers like Phillips Sonicare and Butterfly. 

Tryten knows what features clinicians need to make their workflow more straightforward and productive while providing the best possible patient experience.

Tryten S1 Cart Features:
  • Patented, articulating arm with lockable holder for tablets up to 2.95” and 3.5 lbs
  • VESA mount available for securely attaching a flatscreen monitor
  • Modular design allows the use of 40+ Tryten accessories enabling any application
  • Whisper-quiet, non-marking, lockable wheels glide over all surfaces, including carpet
  • Concealed cable management enables safe, secure operation and easy cleaning
  • Large, height-adjustable utility box provides power points for plugging in devices
  • Medical-grade, wipeable components make frequent cleaning an easy breeze
  • IEC 60601 tested for tip resistance to help eliminate accidents

Tryten S1 features completely support Telehealth, VRI, Virtual Rounding, Virtual Visits, and EHR workflows.

Tryten S1 Medical Device Cart

How Tryten S1 Medical Carts
Benefit Clinicians and Patients

The two most critical benefits Tryten medical carts bring are high mobility and security for today’s miniature medical devices. Clinicians appreciate having an extra hand to hold a tablet or smartphone in the exact location needed for optimum viewing. They also enjoy having a convenient spot to put peripherals like transducers or gel bottles.

Health care personnel also prefer using a step-saving medical cart that reduces fatigue, improves workflows, and goes with them from patient to patient, floor to floor, or even to temporary facilities.

Patients appreciate being able to place screens in the most comfortable position for viewing and how the medical cart frees clinicians to focus on patient issues.
Tryten S5 Tablet and Medical Device Cart - Rapid Deployment
Sleek For Reduces Clutter

Medical carts can now be much smaller and more mobile because WiFi and miniaturization have shrunk medical devices. Surgical rooms and patient areas benefit from having more open space available.

Tryten S5 Tablet and Medical Device Cart - Speedy Sanitizing
Telemedicine and Telehealth are Fully Supported

The increased use of Telemedicine brought by COVID-19 will continue because clinicians and patients have discovered the convenience it brings. The S1 enables easy setup for audiovisual equipment using modular accessories.

Tryten S1 Tablet and Medical Device Cart - Patient/ Clinician Experience
Designed for a Better Patient/ Clinician Experience

The unique patented articulating arm with full tilt, pan, and rotation makes the Tryten S1 the best ergonomic choice for your patients and clinicians, whether sitting, standing, or lying down. Clinicians enjoy having their hands free to help patients.

Tryten S5 Tablet and Medical Device Cart - Rapid Deployment
Modular Design Expands Functionally

Add or remove any of the 40+ medical-grade, fully wipeable modules fast to change or expand functions. Switch from supporting ultrasound or any other medical device to telehealth by swapping modules.

Tryten S1 Tablet and Medical Device Cart - Stable Base
Stable Base Improves Safety and Ease of Movement

Solid bases render Tryten medical carts tip resistant to meet IEC 60601 standards while four locking, whisper-quiet wheels glide over any surface, including carpets.

Tryten S3 Tablet and Medical Device Cart - OEM Branding
Easy Setup and Maintenance

The unique, patented articulating arm with full tilt, pan and rotation makes the Tryten S1 the best ergonomic choice for your patients, whether sitting, standing, or lying down.

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Tryten S1 Accessory Modules —
Today’s Medical Device Cart Created for the Future

With miniaturization and blazing fast WiFi driving the revolution, our medical universe is changing at a pace never seen before. Tryten S1 modules enable you to use today’s technology and keep pace with new developments to take advantage of advanced medical devices as they become available.