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Video remote interpreting (VRI) improves access to healthcare by allowing patients to communicate with a remote translator through audiovisual devices. With the help of a VRI interpreter, providers can reach a proper diagnosis. Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, non-English-speaking people, and other patients can benefit from this service.

Tryten’s innovative VRI cart enables you to connect patients with remote interpreters effortlessly.
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Hospital VRI Cart

Connect Interpreters and Patients With the Tryten VRI Cart

We created the affordable VRI Cart to meet all your remote interpreting needs. Our workstation provides the best VRI performance for medical staff and patients thanks to its unique features, including: 

  • Multiple Options for Cart Design: The heavy-duty Tryten X1 cart can easily accommodate a large display monitor, speaker configuration, and video bar. If you want a smaller and more portable option, the S series offers a range of lightweight, tablet-based carts at an affordable price. 
  • Ease of Connection: Wheel the Tryten VRI cart to your patient and use your chosen hardware to connect them with a remote interpreter in minutes. This efficient communication will shorten appointment times and enable you to provide more accurate treatment. 
  • Fully Customizable Hardware: The Tryten VRI Cart can carry a large selection of specially designed accessories and mounting brackets to accommodate all devices. As technology evolves, these add-ons let you keep upgrading your medical cart with the latest remote interpreting devices.
  • Translation on the Go: The slender S and X1 carts are designed for agile handling, making transportation a breeze. The whisper-quiet wheels can handle a variety of terrain, so you can easily move the cart between patient bedsides, the parking lot, and the registration desk.
  • Personalize Your Cart With OEM Branding: Tryten can personalize your cart by providing a range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) branding services. We can add your logo and technology to our VRI Cart, creating a workstation designed just for you. Our OEM branding services are also scalable, so we can work with you to create custom carts to sell commercially. 
VRI AV Display and Workstation - Detail
VRI - AV Display and Workstation