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EHR Carts

Are you struggling to integrate your EHR into an efficient patient care model? A good electronic health records system can reshape healthcare for the better — if it’s easy to use. Learn how the Tryten S1 electronic health records cart can work with your EHR to streamline workflow and increase patient satisfaction.

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EHR Cart (Electronic Health Records) - Bedside Electronic Health Records Cart

Tryten Electronic Health Records (EHR) Cart

Electronic health records and medical records improve patient outcomes by coordinating care through secure access to up-to-date records. In the era of value-based payment models, EHR and EMR hold the key to maximizing revenue streams. But to achieve this, healthcare providers must ensure that their EHR does not disrupt the patient experience.

A clumsy or hard-to-use EHR can create a barrier between patients and their providers. Cumbersome equipment forces medical professionals to divert attention from their patients to their technology. Patients with a poorly integrated EHR setup can feel left out as their providers bury their faces in a computer.

At Tryten, our medical carts avoid this problem through superior versatility, durability, and ease of operation. They provide an agile, easy-to-use access point for EHR that never creates a barrier. On the contrary, our S1 EHR cart allows you to integrate your EHR into your patient encounters seamlessly.

Unlike medical carts of the past, the S1 EHR cart makes digital and cloud-based care easier, not a burden. We designed it to be compatible, agile, customizable, safe, and affordable. It is the ideal choice for healthcare companies looking to maximize their EHR’s efficiency.

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EHR Cart - Detail

EHR Cart Advantages

Virtual Nursing - Reduce the Spread of Disease

We know every healthcare provider has unique needs. That is why we work diligently to make our products compatible with all major tablet manufacturers.

The S1 EHR cart can hold any tablet up to 12.95” and 3.5 lbs. With five contact points and an optional VESA mount configuration, you can rest assured knowing your tablet is secure. We can match the S1 with over 40 convenient accessories to build an EHR cart that holds all your necessary medical devices: accessories like our keyboard and mouse tray, AMD all-in-one vital signs monitor, and multipurpose equipment holder.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Ease of Use

Nobody wants to drag a slow, wobbly, or loud cart around the office. We built our S1 EHR carts to roll easily wherever needed — over carpet, tile, or even the parking lot.

Medical providers must easily access their EHR, whether working with a standing, sitting, or prone patient. Use our patented 11” articulating arm to ensure a comfortable position for each patient encounter. The 60-degree tilt, 180-degree horizontal pan, and 360-degree rotation ensure you will always find the perfect angle.

Tryten Surgical Display Cart - Ergonomic and Customizable Design

Need an OEM partner to integrate your products?

At Tryten, we pride ourselves on our versatility in customizations. We can modify our carts to best serve medical device companies, healthcare solution providers, and audiovisual integrators.

Custom branding provides a professional and uniform look to your products and services. With our S1 EHR carts, we can boost your brand by adding your logo, colors, and name to the utility box and base.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Affordable

With healthcare costs continually growing, healthcare companies need partners they can trust to provide long-lasting value.

At Tryten, we design and manufacture all our products in North America to ensure the highest quality. This, combined with the S1 EHR cart’s affordable cost, makes it a wise investment. Whether shipping a standard unit or custom product, we deliver on time, no matter your order size. And your cart will be covered by a five-year limited warranty and our expert support team.

Tryten EHR Carts Improve both Patient and Provider Experiences

At Tryten, we partner with numerous healthcare, education, and enterprise companies. Our EHR cart is perfect for healthcare facilities, clinics, and hospitals hoping to simplify their EHR use. Integrating the EHR cart with their products can take medical companies needing an OEM partner to the next level.

Contact us today to learn how the we can improve your patient and provider's point of care experience. Our dedicated staff will answer all your questions and help you select the best product to meet your needs.