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Patient Experience Carts

As you shift focus to delivering improved, holistic patient-centered care, the tools and technology you require are changing. Tryten has you covered.
tryten patient experience mobile solutions

Bedside EHR Portal Carts

As Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems grow in functionality, one rapidly emerging use case is the bedside patient portal used for e-consent, patient record reviews, video, meal ordering, and more. Put your tablet on a Tryten cart to increase access and accessibility.

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Bedside EHR portal

Patient Registration Carts

Self check-in at health centers, medical clinics, and emergency departments is here to stay. Now you can put registration access points wherever you need them, thanks to Tryten’s lightweight, durable, and secure mobile platforms.

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Hospital Patient Registration Cart

Video Remote Interpretation Carts

Serving the patient in their native language is critical to clear communication about health issues, diagnosis, and treatment plans. Mobile VRI is the solution you need to deliver this service quickly and conveniently on whichever equipment you prefer.

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Hospital VRI Cart

Virtual Visiting Carts

Whether you serve crowded urban areas or remote rural communities, keep your patients at ease and in touch with their loved ones with a tablet or camera and monitor on a Tryten cart.

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Hospital Virtual Visit Cart

Entertainment Carts

If you have a fleet of iPads or tablets available to your patients or even a video game console you’d like to keep secure and operational, Tryten carts are what you need.

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Hospital Video Game Cart

It's important that the equipment used in a hospital meets rigorous standards when caring for patients. Tryten products have met and exceeded those standards.

Daniel Cording, Senior Analyst, Tucson Medical Center

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