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S2 Tablet & iPad Cart

If you're looking for a simple yet thoughtfully designed solution that securely holds an iPad or bedside medical device for an affordable price, Tryten S2 might be for you. The Tryten S2 Tablet and iPad Cart offers a new world of mobile patient and provider experiences by supporting point-of-care communication needs and miniaturized medical devices while being minimally intrusive.
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iPad Cart
A Lightweight, Affordable Tablet and iPad Cart for Patients and Providers

A Sleek iPad Cart for Hospitals

Sleek design. Small footprint. One-handed operation. The S2 enables tablet-based care workflows and patient bedside engagement with unparalleled efficiency, durability, and low total cost of ownership. Key features include:

  • Tilting tablet bracket that can also pan 180° and rotate 360°, enabling users to view tablets in the optimum position 
  • Lockable holder fits tablets up to 12.95” and 3.5 lbs, supporting a wide tablet range
  • Compatible with Apple iPad Air, Pro 11″ and 12.9″, Microsoft Surface & Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Google Pixel, and many others
  • Available in a Vesa mount configuration that securely supports monitors
  • Concealed cable management for safe, secure operation and easy cleaning
  • Modular design compatible with a range of Tryten accessories that make using medical devices easy
  • Whisper-quiet, non-marking, locking wheels glide over any surface, including carpets
  • Medical-grade, easy-to-clean components render frequent wipedowns an easy breeze
  • Cord wrap ergonomic handle with slender design uniquely placed for easy pushing and positioning
  • Solid base IEC 60601 tested for tip resistance helps prevent expensive accidents
iPad Cart Details

How Tryten S2 iPad Carts Benefit Providers and Patients

High mobility, a small footprint, and secure, out-of-the-way space for tablets and miniature medical devices are the most critical benefits S2 iPad carts bring to surgical centers at an affordable price.

Clinicians and patients appreciate having an iPad medical cart handy when needed but easily moved aside when it’s not. It also helps to have a convenient spot to set peripherals like gel bottles and transducers. Patients enjoy having tablets on wheels that make them easy to position and use to interact with providers, friends, and family.

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S2 iPad Cart Advantages

Tryten 2 iPad Cart - Small Footprint
Small footprint reduces clutter

The small form of S2 iPad medical carts brings more open space to surgical rooms and patient areas. And it’s simple to disassemble and store an S2 iPad cart.

Tryten Endoscope Cart   Medical grade
Easy setup and maintenance

Personnel can set up an S2 iPad cart in minutes thanks to the Tryten S2’s simple design and assembly. The medical-grade surfaces and hidden power cords make it easy to wipe down all components frequently.

Tryten Surgical Display Cart - Ergonomic and Customizable Design
Modular design expands functionally

Quickly add or remove any S2 compatible, medical-grade, fully wipeable modules fast to change or expand functions. Perfect for hosting bedside monitors, holding tablets, and supporting a broad range of use cases.

tryten w1
Stable base improves safety and ease of movement

Solid bases render Tryten iPad medical carts tip resistant to meet IEC 60601 standards while four locking, whisper-quiet wheels glide over any surface, including carpets.

Surgical Centers Don’t Always
Need Complex Solutions

Simple functionality at a low price point is often the best answer to provider and patient needs. Everyone appreciates an unobtrusive system that quickly moves out of the way yet is there when needed.

We’re so confident you’ll love the Tryten S2 iPad cart and medical device platform that we’re happy to offer you a no-obligation, 60-day free trial in your facility to see for yourself.*

Get started with your free trial of the Tryten S2 iPad cart today. 

*Some conditions apply. Talk to your Tryten representative for details. 

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We’re so confident that you’ll love the Tryten S2 Cart that we’re happy to offer you a no-obligation 60-day free trial in your facility so you can see for yourself*.

* Some conditions apply. Talk to your Tryten representative for details.

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