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Patient Registration Cart

Patient registration is a necessary but often time-consuming process. Long registration bottlenecks cause undue stress and strain the compassion and patience of admitting staff and patients. Tryten’s compact Patient Registration Cart streamlines the check-in process, making collecting intake data faster and more convenient.
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Hospital Patient Registration Cart

Tryten Patient Registration Cart:
Streamline Your Check-In System

Tryten’s portable S2 Economy Medical Device & Tablet Cart is the ideal solution for your patient registration needs. This workstation, designed for easy transport, travels effortlessly between intake areas. The mounted tablet or touchscreen allows patients to quickly input their information into your healthcare record system, reducing the labor of administrative staff. Our cart is the best option for medical staff and patients thanks to its novel design, which includes:

  • Maximum Portability: The Tryten S2 Patient Registration Cart has a lightweight design and a highly maneuverable base that can easily handle carpet, rough pavement. 
  • Total Device Compatibility: Our S2 workstations are compatible with the Apple iPad Air, Pro 11” and 12.9”; the Google Nexus; the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, S7, and S7+; the Microsoft Surface; and many other digital tools. Thanks to our universal compatibility feature, you can choose the best technology for patient registration without worry. 
  • Customize With Accessories: We offer a wide selection of custom and ready-to-go accessories you can use to add new devices to your Tryten S2 workstation. Tailoring your cart saves money and resources by allowing you to reuse your reliable Tryten cart with every new tool. 
  • OEM Branding: If you want total control over the design of your Patient Registration Cart, Tryten offers Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) branding options. Our expert engineering crew can help you add your logo to our cart, design a new product for your company, manufacture custom carts for you to sell, and more.
Patient Registration on Cart - Detail
Patient Registration Cart - Tablet and Speaker

Patient Registration Cart Advantages

When you purchase a Tryten S2 Patient Registration Cart, you will enjoy many benefits, including:
Tryten X1   AV Display and Workstation   Easy setup

Patients with mobility issues or serious illnesses may struggle to stand at a registration desk for long periods. You can bring the mobile Tryten Patient Registration Cart directly to patients, whether they’re in a chair, hospital bed, or wheelchair. This feature improves accessibility by allowing all patients to check in quickly.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Affordable
Cost Efficient

The Tryten S2 has a low cost of ownership due to its affordable purchase price, durable design, and minimal maintenance requirements. These aspects make the cart a smart investment for busy healthcare facilities.

Tryten Vital Signs Monitor - Improved Workflow and Reduced Traffic
Extended Warranty

When you purchase a Tryten Patient Registration Cart, you receive a 5-year limited warranty. This guarantee ensures that your cart will continue to deliver quality performance day in and day out.

tryten w1
Tablet Ready

Our carts are ready-made to fit the most popular tablets. Expand your options by adding a VESA tablet mount.

Streamline and Scale Patient Registration with Tryten

Contact us today to learn more about how you can eliminate stressful and time-wasting registration delays with a Tryten Patient Registration Cart.