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Tryten’s iPad Kiosk with Baseplate Helps The Television Academy with Award-Winning Service

The Television Academy is a nonprofit organization aimed at promoting the advancement of arts, telecommunication, and sciences. The Television Academy also endeavors to foster creative and effective leadership in the entertainment telecommunication industry through various programs. The Academy was founded in 1946 and currently has a membership of over 24,000 from various disciplines of the entertainment industry.

In order to meet its goals, the Television Academy has created innovative programs. The internship program, for instance, is designed to give students adequate exposure to professional television production. In another program by the Television Academy, Visiting Professionals, the Academy avails professionals from various disciplines to colleges and universities for workshops, mentorship, lectures, and seminars. The chosen professionals share their experience and expertise with the students.

The Television Academy also seeks to encourage innovation in the television industry. To this end, the Academy has various Emmy awards presented in recognition of excellence in different fields. Going into the future, the Academy has created a new initiative dubbed the New Destination Campaign. The New Destination Campaign is a fundraising campaign to increase the Television Academy’s endowment. The endowment is essential in funding innovative initiatives for students interested in television from all over the country.

Recently, the Television Academy chose a combination of two of Tryten’s innovative products, the iPad Kiosk and a Baseplate for use in one of its events.


The iPad Kiosk is designed to hold the iPad securely. It allows you to utilize it as a wall mount, iPad stand or desktop tablet mount. The Locking Base Plate adds stability to the iPad Kiosk so that you don’t have to secure it on the wall or surface using screws.

Tryten’s products such as the iPad Kiosk and the Baseplate are compatible with the Television Academy’s events geared towards innovation. For example, during the Visiting Professors events, the iPad Kiosks would facilitate the expert’s delivery during seminars, lectures or workshops.

We at Tryten are therefore honored that the Television Academy has started to use some of our innovative products. Future transactions between the two companies can only accelerate innovation among Academy students providing a seamless, secure, and mobile solution for their events.