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Miami Dade Secures Valuables with Tryten

Miami Dade College is a state college located in Miami, Florida. Miami Dade has eight campuses and twenty-one outreach centers located throughout Miami-Dade County.

MDC selected Tryten to provide the simple and reliable security they needed for their desktop computers, displays, keyboards, and Mac Minis with the trusted Tryten T1 Cable Kits and Mac Mini Mounts.

About the Tryten T1 Cable Kits

The Computer Lock Kit T1 is a cost effective and simple to install security solution, created with your budget in mind. The T1 provides efficient entry level security for your computer, Apple Display, keyboard, mouse & peripherals. Essentially, this solution allows all of your office equipment to be effectively and economically secured.

About the Tryten Mac Mini Mount

The Mac Mini is a small giant that packs the entire Mac experience into a 7.7-inch-square frame. Because of its small form factor the Mac mini is vulnerable to loss, damage, and theft. Tryten created the Mac Mini Security Mount to minimize, if not eliminate, these very risks.