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Let’s face facts: hospitals can be very scary places for children and adolescents. They’re in an unfamiliar environment for reasons that can be traumatic, and they’re separated from friends and family. They’re also separated from one of their go-to social locales - video games. This lack of connection and lack of distraction can heighten their anxiety and put even more stress on their mood and behavior.
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Hospital Video Game Cart

Tryten Mobile Gaming Carts

There is ample research-backed evidence supporting the assertion that video games can be powerful coping tools for kids and teens – even for adults. They offer a familiar setting, important social connection with peers, and a welcome distraction from being stuck in a hospital.

The Tryten Mobile Gaming cart is ideally suited to safely, hygienically, and efficiently bring video games into hospital rooms and lounges. Bring your monitor and gaming console of choice, and we’ll provide the cart and power connection. Or even better – contact our partner, Fully Loaded Electronics, to get a turnkey gaming solution of your choice, complete with pre-loaded games built on our sturdy and small-footprint S2 platform.

Video Game Cart - AV Display and Workstation
Video Game Cart - AV Display and Workstation