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Schools Take Note of Tryten’s Computer Security Mounts

With school districts throughout the U.S facing significant budget cuts this year, educational institutions are recognizing how physical computer security can prevent costly IT equipment thefts and losses. “We have noticed a significant increase in the number of schools implementing computer security mounts in their labs, libraries and classrooms during this past year,” said Michael Fairbanks, vice president of sales at Tryten Technologies Inc. The sheer volume of unauthorized traffic within most educational environments leaves schools, colleges and universities especially vulnerable to theft or damage of expensive IT assets. Tryten’s security mounts and enclosures are a primary first line of defence for protecting sensitive data, and they eliminate the need to recover or replace costly school computer equipment.

Modern schools are increasingly reliant on technology to facilitate the flow of information, the sharing of knowledge and access to academic resources. As this reliance on IT equipment increases, the challenge of managing loss prevention without placing undue restrictions on the end user also becomes an issue. Tryten has developed a range of innovative security mounts that are designed to provide functional yet secure theft solutions. Security mounts offer schools all the advantages of traditional mounting gear, including ergonomic benefits and added work surface space, in addition to providing the necessary security features. Some of the most widely implemented school security mounts include Tryten’s Mac Mini Security Mount, the iPad Kiosk, and the Adjustable Computer Enclosure. For more information or to purchase these Security Mounts, please visit:

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For nearly twenty years Tryten Technologies Inc. has worked closely with organizations from around the world to develop physical computer security solutions that best adapt to each unique environment. Our innovative and timely product offerings are developed through relationships with an impressive range of technology and Fortune 500 companies, as well as through dealings with the government, healthcare and educational sectors. At Tryten, we recognize the unique challenges that organizations face when securing highly sensitive information and equipment. The Tryten Solutions Team is trained to assimilate cutting-edge technologies in order to fully secure your valuable equipment in any location.

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