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 |   |  2020-03-16

Tryten’s Response to COVID-19

The Tryten Healthcare team announces the release of the Virtual Visitor and the Virtual Rounding Assistant to help safely increase access to practitioners and connect with at-risk populations.

The Tryten Healthcare team has announced two solutions that help safely address how to provide more practitioners and how to connect with at-risk populations. Explore Tryten supported Virtual Visitor and the Virtual Rounding Assistant.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is threatening to overwhelm our healthcare system. Healthcare providers are needed to triage, monitor and treat those suffering from the virus. Family members and friends are concerned about their loved ones. Quarantined and isolated patients are suffering in nursing homes or specialty allocated sections of hospitals or temporary facilities.

Tryten has developed the Virtual Visitor to assist in remote visitations and the Virtual Rounding Assistant so practitioners can see patients easily and safely using live interactive video no matter where the patient is located.


How do we:

  • make sure patients in nursing homes are not left alone without family connection and practitioner support?
  • provide the best care in the face of a possible surge in hospital demand?
  • make sure our healthcare providers are protected from infection?
  • efficiently leverage our healthcare experts across the potential wave of new patients?

Tryten offers two specific virtual solutions to help keep patients connected and practitioners safe to deliver better patient experience and better population health. We also offer customer solutions to help our clients meet their needs.

The Virtual Visitor 


  • Connects friends and families with their loved ones over video.
  • Rapidly connects over video to remote experts & practitioners.
  • Easily push-and-position near the patient's bed.
  • Minimal footprint requiring less space.
  • Easily Cleaned.
  • Brings family members and friends to the bedside without exposure to infectious pathogens.


  • Keeps family and friends safe yet connected.
  • Remote experts are safely accessed over video avoiding use of PPE.
  • Eases patient isolation and feelings of loneliness.
  • Is easy to assemble and set up.
  • Is cost-effective.
  • Facilitates better patient care, at a cost-effective price point to deliver improved outcomes.

Virtual Rounding Assistant 


  • Provides rapid access to remote experts
  • Is easily pushed and positioned for faster rounding
  • Has minimal footprint requiring less space
  • Will bring care where and when it is needed
  • Will assist in workload balancing across practitioners who are geographically distant and dispersed
  • Minimizes the risk to the practitioner and reduces the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


  • Practitioners stay safe and more readily available
  • Deliver virtual practitioner resource sharing that avoids wasted travel time and provides balanced workload
  • Facilitate better patient care, at a cost-effective price point to deliver improved outcomes
  • Overcome the challenges we will face with a rapid surge in patient care.

See a Tryten cart in action.

If you have an immediate need for the Virtual Visitor or the Virtual Rounding Assistant please contact us or email the The Tryten Healthcare Team at and include the name of the solution you require.  We will reach out to you to expedite your order.

To learn more about Tryten and our solutions, please visit

About Tryten

Tryten supports healthcare applications such as Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Telesitting and Telehealth solutions that improve patient experience, population health and reduce the cost of care. Tryten manufactures mobile carts that support video conferencing solutions provided by partners. A trusted partner for over 20 years, Tryten provies safe solutions to enable value-based care when and where it is most needed. For more information, please visit

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