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 |   |  2018-06-21

Tryten’s Laptop Locks Help Gaming Giant Electronic Arts Keep Products Safe

we are delighted to consider EA our customers having recently sold them our Master Key Laptop Locks. These security locks are designed to cater for workplaces or IT labs that have several computers. They are ideal for tech-intensive institutions like Electronic...

When Electronic Arts was founded in 1982, the dream was not to develop their own content, much less the award-winning video games they create today. Instead, the company was to use its studios and act as independent contractors to develop the work by other designers and programmers. The founder, Trip Hawkins, was on a mission to promote independent talent in art and IT.

Unlike other companies of the time, EA would recognize the creator of the game in its cover. This changed in the early 1990’s as EA started publishing in-house content. Since then the country has grown to be among the leading gaming companies in the world. As of 2017, the franchise was ranked second among gaming companies in Europe and America.

In-House Talent Development

EA’s decision to produce in-house content was not the end of Trip Hawkins’ dream to develop talent in game development. Quite the contrary. The company’s current strategy is much more intensive. With the previous approach, the game developers were simply EA clients and once the game was produced, there would normally be no more contact between EA and developer till the next contract.

Today EA nurtures talent by absorbing them into their system and allowing them to grow their career. Whether join them for internship or job after graduation, at EA you will get real hands-on experience. As such, in this approach, EA does not only give the developers a chance to expose their talent but also gives them room and opportunity to grow from one level to the next. This way, the developers get to exploit their full potential as they chart their own career path.

Allowing the developers to grow under the same system also allows them to grow at a personal level as they interact with people from different backgrounds. There is also room for brainstorming thus improvement of the original idea.

EA Going Green

In the past decade, EA has been undergoing another transformation of similar importance. The company acknowledges that, as a technological company, it naturally has a significant carbon footprint. They have therefore taken deliberate steps to reduce the company’s impact on the environment.

If you are a fan of EA products, you already know that they are phasing out disks. They are no longer retailing their games in disks but rather delivering them to their customers digitally. Even in situations where it is necessary to use the disks, the company ensures that the production and delivery process is as environmentally friendly as possible. This has already had a great impact in reducing the company’s carbon footprint. It is also a demonstration of EA’s innovative ideas.

EA has also made green initiatives in their studios and other regional locations. The initiatives are geared towards efficient and sustainable energy consumption. Most of them have so far been implemented in EA Redwood and EA Canada but to be rolled out in other locations once proved to be sustainable.

Electronic Arts is a leader not in the gaming industry only but in technology in general. For many companies, this kind of technology is just an avenue to increase profits. With EA, however, technology is at the soul of the company. Their system is such that the focus is on technological and talent development. With this approach, they have helped thousands of developers build their careers while providing their customers with quality products.

The Tryten Connection – Laptop Locks that Work

It is because of this impressive profile that we are delighted to consider EA our customers having recently sold them our Master Key Laptop Locks. These security locks are designed to cater for workplaces or IT labs that have several computers. Unlike other locks, these can be opened using similar keys thus allowing sharing of laptops within the system without exposing themselves to outsiders. They are therefore ideal for tech-intensive institutions like Electronic Arts.

Avi Sharma
Avi Sharma
Content & Marketing Specialist