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Tryten Delivers Form and Function with new Samsung Galaxy Tab Kiosk

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Drawing on the success of the recently launched iPad Kiosk’s clean presentation design, the new Galaxy Tab Kiosk provides a simple and secure mounting system that makes it the perfect choice for use in trade show, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and educational applications. The Kiosk offers flexibility in installation with the ability to be mounted on a table or counter, in addition to almost any wall surface.

Backed by Tryten’s twenty years of expertise in IT hardware security manufacturing, the Galaxy Tab Kiosk is only accessible via a discrete five pin pick-resistant lock that provides industry leading protection against theft, damage, and loss while ensuring zero reduction to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G signal strength.

“Clients have been raving about the design, look, and feel of our iPad Kiosk since it was released to the market in late 2012. Many have commented that users are so attracted to the design that they tend to gravitate towards the Kiosk and feel compelled to interact with it. We wanted to provide that same experience to our clientele who are adopting the Galaxy Tab.” says Michael Fairbanks, President at Tryten. “Our design team was very careful to balance the desire for clean, attractive aesthetics while maintaining the level of security that Tryten’s products are famous for. I’m proud to say we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.”

The Galaxy Tab Kiosk Enclosure is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Tab2 10.1 and is available online for an introductory price of $169.90.