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The Smartest iPad Kiosk You’ve Ever Seen

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We are pleased to announce the addition of a new iPad kiosk that offers the perfect balance between security and ease of use.

The Liberty iPad Kiosk offers security, integrated charging, and physical protection for iPads making it quick and convenient for staff in hospitals, offices and retail establishments to “go mobile.”

The Liberty is a complete kiosk system, combining charging and locking in one system. The kiosk is designed with a clean and straightforward aesthetic so that it fits perfectly in any environment, providing ultimate freedom and flexibility to the user.

Security is the focal point with each one of our intelligent products, and the Liberty iPad Kiosk takes it to a new level. The Liberty can be bolted-mounted to a countertop to keep the iPad securely in place with a pull force of 300 pounds.

Once docked, the Liberty can only be released with proprietary infrared keys. When inserted into the programming station, the keys are assigned one of 16.7 million possible random security codes. Access to this security code expires after twelve hours, virtually nullifying the ability for lost or stolen keys to be used for theft.

The Liberty shares the same attractive design, ergonomics, and cable concealment of our standard iPad Kiosk. Parts have no hard edges, pinch points or sharp corners. Optional shoulder and hand straps make carrying the iPad more comfortable and convenient. And, the Liberty offers integrated charging, so it’s always powered and ready for use.