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 |   |  2022-08-16

Tryten Launches New Website and Rebranded Medical Carts

SEATTLE, August 12, 2022 – Tryten Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-maneuver mobile medical cart solutions, has launched a new website and rebranded products to reflect a unified line of evolving medical cart solutions.
Smaller and Lighter Medical Devices Cart

At the heart of this rebranding is renaming Tryten's product lines - Tablet and Medical Device carts as the Tryten S series. In addition, carts for AV Displays and Mobile Workstations are now the Tryten X series. The Tryten S series is a premier line of lightweight and small-footprint carts designed for today's tablets and portable medical devices, including ultrasound, vital sign monitors, and ECG monitors. In contrast, the Tryten X series is an innovative line of sleek and easy-to-maneuver carts designed to carry larger peripherals, including monitors, all-in-one computers, supply caddies, and more. Introducing the Tryten S and X series will help Tryten better categorize the several types of medical devices it offers.

To support its rebranded medical carts, the company's revamped website includes in-depth information on Tryten's three primary medical cart solutions: Virtual Care, Patient Experience, and Medical Devices. It also highlights Tryten's S and X series while showcasing the unique range of medical cart accessories and mounting brackets to help platforms stand out from the field. The aim is to create more transparency in its partner program to better support its Medical Device Manufacturers and AV & Teleconferencing Equipment partners.

"Incorporating the same attention to detail in our website as we do in our medical carts was essential to simplify decision-making for those serving the hospital and medical practice industry. Through the redesigned website and rebranded medical carts, manufacturers and end users can examine the options and integrations that will improve the mobility and safety of their valuable equipment," said Tony Janzen, CEO of Tryten. 

About Tryten:  

Tryten designs and manufactures lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-maneuver mobile cart solutions for various applications, including video remote interpreting (VRI), virtual rounding, telesitting, EHR (Electronic Health Records) workstations, and telemedicine. Our goal is to help to improve the patient and provider experience while reducing the cost of care, enabling value-based care where and when it's needed most.  

At Tryten, our mission is to provide the necessary tools practitioners need to support their efforts in patient care. Our products are designed to withstand the trials of hospital environments. Our passion and mission are to make a difference in the healthcare space through thoughtful, responsive, flexible designs and partnerships.  

Avi Sharma
Avi Sharma
Content & Marketing Specialist