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 |   |  2015-08-10

About Tryten’s “Give A Goat” Campaign

Tryten has made a commitment as a company to give back in whatever ways we can to help imporve the lives of others. We are proud to be apart of this fantastic cause, the "Give a Goat" project.

At Tryten, we are proud of our products, our team, our customers, and the shared values that hold them all together.

As a commitment to “giving back”, we have created an unique opportunity for our clients to do just that.

We have selected key clients across the globe to partner with us by sending photos of installed Tryten products to feature within case studies on our showcase.

On behalf of every company that sends us photos, we have offered to donate a “sturdy goat” to a developing community in Sasiga, Ethiopia.

Why a goat? A goat provides milk, meat, manure, offspring, and income for years to come. This gift comes with training to build a pen and prepare the feed. The recipient family agrees to give the goat's first kid to a needy neighbour, doubling your gift’s impact!

We are hoping for great results from this project. If you would like more information, contact us!

Avi Sharma
Avi Sharma
Content & Marketing Specialist