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 |   |  2018-08-16

How Tryten Mobile Tablet Stations are Saving Lives in the VA National Telestroke Program

The Department of Veteran Affairs is finding innovative ways to save lives and implement Tryten’s Nova Mobile Tablet Stations with a twist. With a focus on saving lives and implementing technology, they’ve found an innovative way to dress up the Nova...

Around here we take saving lives very seriously.

When the VA National Telestroke program told us about their creative way to implement our Nova Mobile Tablet Stations, it warmed our hearts and we had to share it.

Have you been hearing more buzz around the concept of telehealth lately, how telehealth technologies are helping different sectors of the population access better health care? The telehealth programs are helping connect healthcare professionals in a variety of specialties with patients in remote and distant communities.

With a lot of baby boomers retiring and getting older, fewer doctors are available to save lives -- that's where our Tablet Station helps fill in this white space perfectly. When doctors are not available, mobile tablet technology and video remote consultations take over.

How Tryten's Nova Mobile Tablet Stations are saving lives.

The Department of Veteran Affairs is finding innovative ways to save lives and implement Tryten’s Nova Mobile Tablet Stations with a twist. With a focus on saving lives and implementing technology, they've found an innovative way to dress up the Nova Mobile Tablet Stations, bring patient engagement up and literally, save lives.

Two very innovative doctors found a great solution to making tablet stations more accessible by dressing it up with a lab coat. By disguising the Nova Mobile Tablet Station with a lab coat, a clinician (on the other side) and a neurologist, which is in command of the room, can avoid confusions. These confusions, at the end of the day, cost time which inevitably costs brain energy/power.

Keep in mind that the lab coat is functional. In a very busy noisy room full of commotion, it gives the clinician who is on the other side, a physical presence in the room. The clinician on the other side, the neurologist, is in command of the room and if the room forgets that confusion occurs which costs time. This is a lesson learned from some of our sites where the naked stand existed, relayed back up to the program.

Also, the dressed up Nova Mobile Tablet Station helps doctors take the fear out of scary test results and patient files. It's a win, win, win.

Technology that drives healthcare forward.

At Tryten, we are constantly looking at new products, and ways to use our already existing products, to solve health care and patient care related problems. Creativity is a key factor for innovation. And as we see health care shifting it's important to take a look at how doctors and nurses are innovating to solve the issues that offer better patient care.

We are thrilled to work with partners beyond just stroke care, as telehealth or telemedicine develop indisputable benefits for patients, caregivers and healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) alike, we will continue to innovate alongside our partners who care not only about the technology, but about the patients who use this technology.

Technology solutions such as the flexible Nova Mobile Tablet Stands and innovative programs such as the VA National Telestroke program are improving stroke care for patients nationwide.

Tryten Nova Mobile Stations

Nova Mobile Tablet Station comes in three different models: Nova Pro, Nova Go, and Nova Go Vesa. These models are the solution to the health sector switching to tablets for vital medical apps, mobility and telehealth. They not only improve patient care but as you can see, actually help save lives.

The Nova Mobile Tablet Stations also keep precious hardware and patient data safe, secure from damage or theft and can be made to work in any healthcare environment.

Avi Sharma
Avi Sharma
Content & Marketing Specialist