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 |   |  2018-08-11

Eko and Tryten Come Together to Create Better Telehealth Solutions

We are always looking to Provide smart, innovative solutions for our customers. When we find valuable solutions that work with our Products, we build partnerships. There is no better example of this than the partnership between Tryten and Eko, two technology...

We are always looking to Provide smart, innovative solutions for our customers. When we find valuable solutions that work with our Products, we build partnerships. There is no better example of this than the partnership between Tryten and Eko, two technology companies seeking to revolutionize the healthcare industry as we know it.

Meet Tryten:

For over 25 years, Tryten has Provided technology solutions that become an integral part of hospitals, clinics, and private practitioners throughout North America.

Tryten specializes in creating core Products in any telemedicine, or mobile health initiative. Our focus is to Provide secure technology solutions such as portable workstations and iPad kiosks for companies throughout the healthcare, government, business, and education industries.

We also recognize the potential for damage or theft with this type of expensive equipment and design Products that not only keep electronics safe and secure but seamlessly integrated into hospital and clinical settings.

More information about the Products offered by Tryten can be found here.

Meet Eko:

Eko is a tech company that specializes in creating technology to better understand how the human heart functions. Backed by names such as Dr. Bob Harrington of the Department of Medicine at Standford University and John Noonan of the Department of Health and Human Services, Eko develops non-invasive devices that help analyze the rhythm of the heart both digitally and traditionally. Both of their devices, DUO and CORE, can be found on their website.

Creating Telemedicine and Mobile Health Packages That Work

Here at Tryten, we’re all about making decisions easier for our customers. We know the struggle of having to create patient care packages that work. Every new piece of technology you add is another decision you have to make.

Technology needs to work for your workflows. It needs to integrate into your settings and Provide better patient care.

That’s why we’ve created key partnerships with cornerstone companies that offer the kind of innovative technology that we’re known for. When Eko came to us with a Proposal to package our Products with theirs, we knew this could be a valuable connection for our customers too.

“We sought a telemedicine solution that was high quality, easy to use, and cost-effective. The Eko stethoscope with an iPad Pro on a Tryten cart helped make that possible.” Paul R Soto, Director of Information Technology, UR Medicine Home Health Care.

With this partnership, customers no longer to have to search for several solutions in order to make the transition into a digital healthcare ecosystem. Both Tryten and Eko Provide healthcare Providers with the tools needed to make Providing healthcare to their patients easier, all without the hassle of having to spend the time, money, and effort trying to pull together multiple resources that achieve the same effect.

Patient Care is Key in Everything We Do

The partnership between Tryten and Eko and the combination of the Nova Cart and the Eko CORE digital stethoscope will allow medical health Professionals quicker access to health information right at their fingertips.

With Tryten’s tools and Eko’s technology, the Process of evaluating patients becomes much easier, especially when remote access is taken into consideration. Through this partnership, both companies will be able to achieve their mission of redefining the way that hospitals track and store healthcare information as well as Providing ways that their customers can save time and money.

NOVA Line Review and Specs:

The latest Nova line takes innovative healthcare solutions to a whole new level. Nova mobile tablet stations become an integral part of any telemedicine or mobile health solution, designed specifically for those in the medical industry that rely on tablet technology. At the moment, Tryten currently offers three different versions of the Nova mobile health hub: Nova PRO, Nova GO, Nova GO VESA. (We will be releasing the Nova PRO VESA later in the year after some further product testing). 

Nova PRO:

The Nova PRO is the mobile health hub for healthcare innovators. Designed with extreme flexibility in mind, the Nova PRO will become an integral part of any smart telehealth strategy.

Some key features:

  • Height-adjustable arm for engagement from a seated, standing, or on-bed position
  • Universal tablet bracket fits all popular tablet sizes
  • Secure tablet bracket with push-pin lock
  • Tablet Tilt, Pan, Rotation for ergonomic interaction
  • Concealed cable management for effective storage
  • Modular accessory system that fits into your health setting
  • A built-in rechargeable battery that allows for up to 9 hours of continuous playback, recording, and Bluetooth connection and typically lasts for 21 days when used minimally

More about CORE and its capabilities can be found here.

Eko DUO: Review and Specs

DUO is a combination electronic stethoscope and EKG – all in one device. It is a portable, handheld device which helps saves lives, through unprecedented insight into cardiac function. Review rhythms and heart sounds quickly from the accompanying mobile application for advanced bedside analysis or groundbreaking remote care.

Digital Stethoscope Specs:

  • 60x audio amplification
  • Ambient noise reduction
  • 4000Hz sample rate
  • WAV file format
  • 4 audio filters (Diaphragm, Bellmode, Midrange, & Extended)

EKG Specs:

  • 2 stainless steel electrodes.
  • 0.01Hz high pass filter
  • Selectable 50 / 60Hz mains filter
  • 500Hz sample rate
  • WAV file format

More about the Eko Duo can be found here.

How You Can Get on Board:

Both companies share a mutual customer, the University of Rochester Medical Center, who has been combining Eko’s CORE digital stethoscope technology, Eko’s DUO technology, and Tryten’s NOVA mobile tablet stations at their facility. You can take advantage of this partnership by using both products to improve your patient care today.

Nova GO:

Refined to the essentials, the Nova GO Telehealth Tablet Cart is a premium-grade mobile workstation that enables tablet-based care at an unbeatable price.

Some key features:

  • Fixed Tablet Height
  • Universal Tablet Bracket
  • Keyed Tablet Holder
  • Tablet Tilt & Rotation
  • Concealed Cable Management
  • Modular Accessory System


The Nova GO VESA is designed for all hospital-grade VESA-mounted devices, with the same core features of the Nova GO premium-grade mobile workstation.

Some key features:

  • Fixed VESA Height
  • VESA 75mm & 100mm
  • Securable Mount
  • VESA Tilt
  • Concealed Cable Management
  • Modular Accessory System

More about Tryten’s the new NOVA line of products can be found here.

Nova Mobile Tablet Cart Accessories

Make these mobile tablet stations work best for your healthcare setting with modular accessories: 

JBL Flip 4 Security Bracket

JBL Flip 4 Speaker

Work Surface

Supply Basket

Custom Travel Case

Rugged iPad Safety Case

Eko CORE Review and Specs:

The Eko Core digital stethoscope is a piece of technology that allows doctors to hear and evaluate the heartbeat of a person both digitally and acoustically. When used electronically, CORE amplifies the sound of the heartbeat and turns it into a visual representation that doctors can use to better diagnose patients. CORE has the following specifications:

  • A button that allows medical Professionals to switch between digital and analog listening capabilities
  • A button that allows for volume adjusting
  • A micro USB charging port
  • Compatibility with most small and large-tube analog stethoscopes
  • FDA approval
  • CE marking
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Amplified sound 40 times when in digital mode
  • 4000Hz sample rate
  • 20Hz to 2kHz frequency response
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