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 |   |  2021-10-14

Covid Challenges- Prompt need for Rapidly Deployable Medical Carts

In the midst of COVID, the Tryten Healthcare team announces rapid response mobile telehealth carts for timely adaptive care.

October 14 th , 2021, Seattle, WA – The Tryten Healthcare team announces COVID Rapid Response Mobile Telehealth Carts for timely adaptive care.

Covid variants like Delta can rapidly evolve and quickly challenge our healthcare delivery systems. With more testing, vaccine boosters, and potential for surges this winter, healthcare systems need to be ready to rapidly respond to the increased need for practitioners and to adapt their workflows in a safe and effective manner.
Rapid response telehealth solutions help affected areas bring in virtual providers from areas not currently impacted, helping to free up the local providers for hands on care. Virtual Patient Registration helps patients register safely and efficiently.

“The Delta variant reminds us that the virus can mutate and cause unexpected surges. We need to rapidly, safely provide telehealth solutions that can bring in remote experts. Mobile cart- based solutions can support Patient Registration, and various types of telehealth like Virtual Visits, Virtual Rounding, Virtual Interpretation (VRI), and Virtual Primary Care. To be effective during surges, telehealth solutions must be mobile, easy to move, position and implement. To assist in the response and readiness, Tryten is offering rapidly deployable, mobile, cost-effective carts,” said Dr. Deborah Jeffries, Chief Strategy Officer at Tryten.

Tryten offers Mobile Telehealth Carts in both tablet and monitor/camera versions. They support BYO tablet/monitor/camera/ and video. The elegant design includes cable management, a small footprint for easy positioning, and various secure mounts, brackets, and accessories to customize. The lightweight flexible design makes the carts easy to re-purposed when needed. Tony Janzen, CEO and Founder of Tryten states, “Our hearts go out to those impacted by COVID-19 and our deepest gratitude to all of those who are trying to combat the virus. We will continue to make every effort to provide solutions that help fight the virus and its surges”.

Click here to learn more about Covid Rapid Response Mobile Telehealth Carts, please visit us at www.tryten.comcontact us, or call 1.800.860.4455.

About Tryten

Tryten manufactures medical grade, lightweight mobile carts for tablets, monitors and medical devices that are easily positioned, have small footprints, whisper-quiet wheels to slide under beds and are easy to install. The clever cable management system conceals cables for a clean look and a safer environment. The carts are customizable by adding Tryten accessories, insertion of logos and color accents or the addition of custom-made brackets to meet unique needs. Tryten partners are available to provide the total solution including tablets/monitors/cameras/speakers/video and services.

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Avi Sharma
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