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 |   |  2018-06-11

Bar-C Ranch Finds a Unique, Practical Solution in the Tryten iPad Flip Stand!

We love it when customers embrace our technology solutions for their businesses! All kinds of enterprises can use Tryten products, like Bar-C ranch who will use Tryten iPad Flip Stands to get riders to sign up!

When Tryten Steps in to Help

We love it when customers embrace our technology solutions for their businesses! All kinds of enterprises can use Tryten products -- just look at the folks from Bar-C Ranch who sent us this amazing shot (above) of their camel ride station using Tryten iPad Flip Stands to get riders to sign up! Talk about a smart use of this amazing product! 

A Little About Bar-C Ranch: A Special Place for Animal Lovers

Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Bar-C Ranch is a family owned petting zoo offering educational shows and visits. The zoo was founded by Wil and Jennifer Caton in 2000 when the family had just moved to Clarke County. Today, the zoo has entertained and educated thousands of families and groups within the county and beyond.

In recent years, many zoos have been on the spot for various instances of animal abuse. With Bar-C Ranch, you do not have to worry about that. Beyond their natural love for animals, Jennifer and Wil had worked professionally in animal-related fields. Jennifer undertook her Animal Science studies at Virginia Tech. As such, for the animals at Bar-C Ranch, being under the care of the Caton family is like having your parents as the ever-present family doctors.

The animal care at the petting zoo, however, goes beyond the professional requirements. The animals have been assimilated into the family and the couple regards the animals as their children. The fact that many of the animals were born in the zoo makes the bond they share with the family only stronger. The Caton children have also taken after their parents and it is not uncommon to find them taking care of the animals on their own. As the families throng to the zoo for educative entertainment, the Caton family is the real winner as they get a priceless connection with these beautiful wild creatures.


Education Programs

For Will and Jennifer, the reason for founding the Bar-C Ranch zoo was to offer a platform for people to learn more about the animals. This, they believed, would sensitize the general population about animals and nature and thus incentivize them to take care of nature. They still continue to hold this belief which has been proved to be true.

In a bid to reach the maximum audience possible, the Bar-C Ranch has created programs in which they bring the animals to an event and location of your choice. This has seen them visit hundreds of schools, birthday parties, office events, fairs, and festivals. The animals are accompanied by animal experts who educate the audience about the animals present.

Anyone can attend these events and find them educative. The Bar-C Ranch management understands that children are the best targets for such education. There are special programs to reach more children especially of school doing age. Some of the programs involve just lectures. Others, however, allow the children to interact with the animals directly under the adult supervision. The interactions have been designed to be entertaining for the participants making the experiences more memorable.

The professional animal-friendly approach of operating the petting zoo has made the campaign even easier to sell because they practice what they preach.

Tryten Helps Make Camel Rides Possible

Out on the farm, taking payments and getting customer feedback might be an impossibility, but not if you have Tryten’s iPad flip stands at the rescue. When Bar-C Ranch wants to take a payment, or sign in a new camel rider, you got it – they use Tryten’s iPad flip stand which can literally go anywhere!

Avi Sharma
Avi Sharma
Content & Marketing Specialist