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Tryten W1 Telehealth Wall Mount

Spaces in healthcare facilities are often crowded to begin with. Adding a workstation, a computer monitor, and other equipment can be troublesome. The Tryten W1 Telehealth Wall Mount is an ergonomic and durable solution designed to enhance workflows and productivity without losing floor space in any healthcare environment.

Streamline Your Workflow With the Tryten W1 Today

The Tryten W1 is a compact wall mount for any healthcare setting. We will help you design a wall-mount workstation adaptable to your unique needs.

Contact Tryten today to reach out for a quote and discover more about how the Tryten W1 can improve your telemedicine experience for clinicians and patients.

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A Compact Solution to Maximize Space and Function

Monitors set up on standard workstations tend to be too low, high, close or far away from patients to use effectively. The Tryten W1 is a height-adjustable wall-mounted workstation to enable efficient patient bedside engagement and clinician productivity with unparalleled efficiency, durability, and space-saving profiles when stowed. Key features include:

  • Height-adjustable mount secures monitors up to 24″ lbs.
  • Concealed cable management enables safe, secure operation and easy cleaning.
  • Easy 2-piece installation.
  • Modular design allows the use of Tryten accessories, mounts, and brackets.
  • Tryten’s W1 compact design completely supports Telehealth, Telemedicine, Patient Observation, VRI, and more.

Tryten W1 Wall Mount Advantages

When you add the Tryten W1 to your workflow, you’ll enjoy these advantages.
tryten w1
Space Optimization

Since the workstation is mounted on the wall, the W1 brings more open space to healthcare facilities. It also leaves a room looking more professional and less cluttered while providing medical personnel with access to all the tools and equipment needed.

tryten w1
Enhanced Patient and Clinician Experiences

The unique height-adjustable monitor mount fits any need a patient or clinician may have, whether they are sitting, standing, or lying down. Clinicians also enjoy having their hands free to help patients.

tryten w1
Easy Installation and Maintenance

The Tryten W1 wall-mount workstation is a 2-piece installation and can go from the package to your hospital’s wall in minutes. You can assemble it without asking IT or the factory for help. The medical-grade surfaces make it easy to wipe down all components, removing infection sources and keeping the environment safe.

tryten w1

We provide a 5-year limited warranty for every Tryten medical cart, wall mount, and accessory. You can rely on our durable products for years.

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At Tryten we pride ourselves on our agility and versatility. We offer a wide range of OEM services for medical device companies, healthcare solution providers, audiovisual integrators and others to mobilize and modernize their offerings.

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