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Butterfly iQ+ Ultrasound Cart

A single probe, offering a whole-body ultrasound solution. The Butterfly iQ+ is designed to make ultrasound easy to use and is designed with cutting edge chip technology to provide sharp imaging powered by even faster processing power.
Butterfly iQ+ Ultrasound Cart


Ultrasound imaging plays a critical role in assisting practitioners diagnose and treat patients. The challenge is to get the ultrasound to the patient, with all accessories, be able to utilize both hands during the exam, while viewing images with ease, and only having the transducer head come in contact with the patient. The solution needs to be versatile, portable, safe, and affordable, which is what Tryten mobile medical carts offer. The Butterfly iQ+ probe on a Tryten cart allows for easy mobility in tight places, mounting of all necessary accessories, and security for a tablet of your device to connect to your probe for a high quality picture and accurate results.

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Butterfly iQ+ Ultrasound Cart - Detail
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Get your Butterfly iQ+ Riding on a Tryten S1 Cart

For more information on the Butterfly Ultrasound Cart solution and how it can help you with your ultrasound needs, reach out to your Tryten rep today!

Butterfly iQ+ Cart