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Clarius Ultrasound Cart

High-definition Wireless Ultrasound for specialized patient care. Meet the world's only 3rd-generation portable ultrasound. Clarius delivers best-in-class portable ultrasound for your specialty, with an easy-to-use app powered by artificial intelligence and connected to the cloud. Clarius ultrasound cart help manage your exams anywhere and improve patient outcomes with clear, real-time imaging that is easy to use, affordable and ultraportable.
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Ultrasound imaging plays a critical role in assisting practitioners diagnose and treat patients. The challenge is to get the ultrasound to the patient, with all accessories, be able to utilize both hands during the exam, while viewing images with ease during the exam & only having the transducer head come in contact with the patient. The solution needs to be versatile, portable, safe, and affordable, which is what this solution offers. The Clarius Ultrasound Scanner provides essential ultrasound support to practitioners for their patients, quickly, efficiently, and safely, in times when mobility may be restricted. This solution gives practitioners full access to equipment, accessories and screen imaging while being portable at the same time.

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Butterfly Ultrasound Cart
Butterfly Ultrasound Cart
Available directly from Butterfly, the Tryten Butterfly ultrasound cart is the perfect rolling home for your Butterfly ultrasound platform.
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Philips Lumify Ultrasound Cart
Philips Lumify Ultrasound Cart
Co-designed with Philips, the Tryten Philips Lumify cart helps you mobilize and secure your Philips Lumify ultrasound system.
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Butterfly iQ+ Cart