Tryten’s Nova Pro Tablet Cart: The Perfect Match for Cyracom

Tryten’s Nova Pro Tablet Cart: The Perfect Match for Cyracom

Cyracom is a leading provider of interpretation and translation services for healthcare in the U.S. Healthcare often involves people that speak different languages, and this hampers communication and service delivery. Founded in 1995, Cyracom has been bridging the gap between healthcare service providers and their clients. This has facilitated service delivery in various healthcare service providers such as hospitals, first responders, and insurers.

The company’s excellent service in healthcare has been recognized by different reputable organizations. For instance, the American Hospital Association and the American Dental Association have both independently endorsed Cyracom. Cyracom has also been nominated and given awards by notable award associations. For instance, they have won six Best in Biz Awards in the last two years. The American Business Awards also named them Cyracom the Company of the Year 2017. Up to 95% of Cyracom’s clients have also stated that they were satisfied with their services and would recommend them to other companies or individuals.

Cyracom believes that being a good medical interpreter or translator requires more than just multilingualism. As such, they continuously train their new and existing employees on medical terminologies, ethics, and emerging issues, trends, and technologies. This has ensured that Cyracom’s employees meet the requirements of the healthcare industry through continuous improvement.

As Cyracom strives to provide the best medical interpretation services, they have embraced new practices and technologies. For instance, the company offers interpretation services in-person, through phone calls, mobile applications, videos and written text. By using these techniques, Cyracom is today able to serve their clients 24/7.

Cyracom has provided exemplary service for the past two decades in medical translation and interpretation. The company has continued to evolve with the evolution of communication. As it continues to embrace technology in communication and medical interpretation, Tryten’s Nova Pro Medical Tablet Cart helps assist their operations. The Nova Cart can be used when the employees are working one on one and also when they work from a remote location through tablets. The cart will improve the safety of the tablets and the data in it.