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iPad Kiosks make their debut at RYSE

Here is some great feedback from RYSE on the Tryten brand iPad stands that we sent them:

“I wanted to share some more pictures with you. I also wanted to share a short story about how they helped our organization…

“Each year RYSE conducts a member survey to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs, the relevance to youth in our community, and to collect important information requested by our funders. In the past it has been a challenge for us to collect all the surveys we needed, and the last time it was administered, it took us 3 weeks to collect 80 youth surveys. This year we were able to collect 70 surveys in a single day thanks in large part to the use of iPads in Tryten iPad Kiosks placed at the front desk where members sign into the center each day. The “coolness” of completing the surveys on iPads, which was made possible by our ability to make them available in a secure fashion, made an enormous difference for us. On behalf of everyone at RYSE I’d like to thank Tryten for supporting our organization thru your generous donation!”