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 |   |  2018-10-07

Tryten’s Nova Pro Tablet Cart: The Perfect Match for Cyracom

CyraCom, a leading provider of language services to hospitals has selected Tryten's mobile medical carts to help LEP patients communicate with healthcare workers and contribute to a better patient experience.

CyraCom is a leading provider of language services to hospitals across North America. For the 10 percent of the United States population that doesn’t speak English well, interpretation and translation services are essential to help them understand everyday discussions and documents. When it comes to healthcare, interpretation is a requirement backed by Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act. Healthcare workers use language services to support limited-English proficient (LEP) individuals and comply with federal laws.

Founded in 1995, CyraCom bridges language gaps between clients of hospitals, first responders, insurers, and other organizations. In addition to a variety of translation solutions, CyraCom offers over-the-phone, video remote, and in-person interpretation options to meet the needs of their clients. CyraCom has been nominated for and received many awards and accolades for superior service, including being named Company of the Year twice by the American Business Awards.

In addition to industry recognition, CyraCom is certified under five ISO standards which sets them apart. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent organization that develops and publishes standards to support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges. ISO certifications verify that an organization’s management system, service, or documentation procedure meets standardization and quality assurance requirements.

CyraCom focuses on implementing and maintaining quality interpretation across multiple industries. Many interpretation companies run substantially on an independent contractor 1099 model, which means they are legally prohibited from providing compulsory training to help their interpreters improve. CyraCom employs interpreters, meaning they can lawfully train employee interpreters to high quality standards and help them continue to improve with ongoing training, monitoring, coaching, and professional development.

Tryten is proud to work with CyraCom because of our shared values: exemplary service and a focus on quality. Our Nova Pro Medical Tablet Cart provides healthcare professionals with an adjustable tablet enclosure that secures various devices used for services such as interpretation. Together, Tryten and CyraCom help LEP patients communicate with healthcare workers and contribute to a better patient experience.

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