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 |   |  2018-10-07

NOVA Modular Medical Tablet Cart for Veterans Affairs

Tryten commends The Department of Veterans Affairs' efforts in automating the services in medical centers. Our mobile medical carts are made for a medical setting and may fit well in many of the improved VA health centers.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a cabinet-level federal agency whose responsibility is to provide healthcare services and benefits for eligible veterans and their families. It is our way to remember those that served and sacrificed themselves for this country. The U.S. VA is currently the most elaborate benefits program for ex-soldiers in the world.

The programs ran by the Department of Veterans Affairs can be categorized into 3: health care, benefits and burials, and memorials.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the single largest health system in the United States. Currently, it provides health services at 152 hospitals, 800 community-based health centers, and more than 100 nursing home care units. The system has also been fundamental in training many local medics. The VHA’s endeavor is to provide efficient medical services to the over 9 million veterans that they may continue to lead a quality life.

Through the Veterans Benefits Administration, veterans and their eligible family members receive non-healthcare benefits such as life insurance, disability compensation, education assistance, rehabilitation, and home loans. On the other hand, the National Cemetery Administration offers burial and memorial benefits and access to veterans and their family members.

Providing health care services for veterans is by far the most significant responsibility of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Although the service delivery has not been 100% effective, the VA has been doing great with the available resources. Through programs such as the recently-established department, VA Center for Innovation, the VA has been working tirelessly to improve the services that veterans receive. Of notable importance is the automation of health care centers.

At Tryten, we commend the VA’s efforts in automating the services in the medical centers all over the country. Many of Tryten’s products are made for a medical/research setting and therefore fit well in many of the improved VA health centers. The Nova Pro Medical Tablet Cart, for example, is specially designed to hold the medical tablet and allow the user carry out other tasks simultaneously. Its Nova Cart Custom Case provides ample storage and security during transportation. The Nova Pro Cart and the case can also be used in the VA Center for Innovation.

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