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 |   |  2018-09-04

Nordstrom Chooses Tryten’s Master Keyed Laptop Lock Pro for their Laptops

Nordstrom, a popular American luxury department and forward thinking company opts for Tryten's Master Keyed Laptop Lock Pro to protect their laptops.

Due to the ever-changing fashion taste of today’s Americans, it is easy for a fashion company to be top of the fashion industry today and irrelevant tomorrow. It is therefore beyond impressive that Nordstrom has thrived for over hundred years serving the American population and even expanding to Canada and Puerto Rico. It speaks volumes about the company’s ability to not only recognize the current fashion trends but also promote personal styles.

In order to give the customers the best shopping experience, a retailer needs to have the best quality of products. Nordstrom understands this and has therefore created a network of the suppliers with whom they have close relationships. Thanks to its partnership with Levi’s, for instance, Nordstrom customers can now have their denim modified or repaired on the spot. They have also partnered with other retailers such as Anthropologie and J Crew. These partnerships further go to promote personal style since customers have a bigger variety of quality products under one roof.

Even as Nordstrom strives to serve the customers, expand their territory and increase profits, the importance of caring for the local community and environment has not been lost to them. A good company’s community service begins at the workplace. Nordstrom has lived up to this standard by creating an environment that is friendly for their worker, customers, suppliers and partners. They have put programs in place that promote human rights, diversity, and cohesion.

In the quest to give back to the community, Nordstrom also contributes to various not for profit programs in Canada, USA, and Puerto Rico. The contribution is often in terms of cash grants or items but sometimes also involves participating in charitable events. They have also taken measures to minimize their impact on the environment. The company has made initiatives to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, minimize wastage of water, and to promote responsible waste management and use of renewable energy.

They are also focused on the production of durable, recyclable and bio-degradable products and packaging. These and other efforts were recognized last year when Nordstrom was named position 35 among the top 500 largest public companies for efforts made towards sustainable environment.

Nordstrom has clearly put a lot of effort towards good corporate practices and it is therefore no surprise that it is the leading fashion retailer in the country. Most of the initiatives require them to embrace modern and emerging technologies for maximum results. This is exactly what Nordstrom has done for instance in use of renewable energy, efficient communication at the workplace, and customer service. The various Nordstrom online retails also highlight their willingness to use move with the times and embrace modern technology.

Considering all this, it is undisputable that Nordstrom is a forward thinking company in all aspects of business and life. It is therefore a delight for us at Tryten for Nordstrom to have opted for our Master Keyed Laptop Lock Pro to protect their laptops. The lock system is ideal for settings in which there are several laptops with independently users. It comes as a set of 25 locks and two master keys. Each of the locks is unique and can only be opened with its set of keys. The master keys, however, can open all the locks in case of an emergency and it is recommended that they are retained by the central administrator. 

Nordstrom’s choice of Tryten’s Master Keyed Laptop Lock Pro system is a manifestation of the trust that they have in our products. Coming from a leader in such a dynamic industry, such trust means a lot to us. 

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