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S4 NICU Monitoring Cart

Designed for effective and discreet NICU observation, the Tryten S4 keeps parents connected to their little loved ones from a safe and ever-watchful distance.
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Formerly Tryten NICU

Newborn observation that’s safe and secure.

To parents of a newborn separated from their little bundles, there is nothing more distressing than being out of contact, even when the safety and development of the infant comes first. The Tryten S4 helps parents keep a close eye on their children in the NICU from the comfort of their hospital room, or anywhere around the world.

  • Maximum pole height of 68.7”
  • 10” adjustable arm with panning/tilting/rotating tablet housing that holds up to 3.5 lbs
  • Small footprint takes up minimal space in the NICU
  • Concealed cable management for safe and secure operation
  • Modular design compatible with a range of Tryten accessories
  • Whisper-quiet, non-marking, locking wheels
  • Medical-grade, easy to clean components
  • IEC 60601 tested for tip resistance
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S4 Benefits

Tryten Vital Signs Monitor - Improved Workflow and Reduced Traffic
Optimal viewing range

The Tryten S4’s pan/tilt/rotate capabilities ensure that parents and caregivers will always have the line of sight they need to watch over their wards.

Tryten 2 iPad Cart - Small Footprint
Lightweight and easy to maneuver

A small footprint, integrated handle, and smooth-rolling silent wheels mean the Tryten S4 will go where you want it quietly and easily.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Warranty
Secure operation

The large utility box and concealed cable management channel keep power cords and connections safely out of the way.

Tryten Endoscope Cart - Affordable
A price that will warm you

The Tryten S4 delivers all this at a price that will make your IT and Operations teams happy.

Ask us about the Tryten S4 NICU medical cart today.

Ask us how the Tryten S4 can be equipped to suit your needs.

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Tryten S1
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At Tryten we pride ourselves on our agility and versatility. We offer a wide range of OEM services for medical device companies, healthcare solution providers, audiovisual integrators and others to mobilize and modernize their offerings.

We’ll make the S series work for you.

Contact us today to explore how our S series tablet and medical device carts can improve point of care workflows for both your providers and your patients.