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S3 Laptop Workstation Cart

If you're like most healthcare providers, your laptop is your trusty companion during long days. The height-adjustable Tryten S3 laptop cart makes it easy to keep your computer by your side as you move between patients. The S3 redefines the medical laptop cart, giving you supreme adaptability, compatibility, mobility, and safety.
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Formerly Nova Motion

Upgrade Your Workstation With the Tryten S3’s Innovative Features

We designed the Tryten S3 cart with your dynamic workflow in mind. Our convenient platform lets you access your laptop or portable medical device anywhere and anytime. You’ll enjoy these valuable features:  

  • Adjustable Height: Use the integrated handle to easily change the height of the work surface as you sit, stand, and show your monitor to patients.   
  • Concealed Cable Management: Tangled power cables can easily get disconnected and make it challenging to maneuver your cart. The Tryten S3 includes a concealed cable management system for safe charging.  
  • Easy to Sanitize Components: We build the Tryten S3 using medical-grade aluminum and plastic components that you can quickly sterilize between patients for optimal hygiene. 
  • Silent Transportation: The S3’s non-marking, whisper-quiet wheels let you transport your laptop discreetly. We guarantee that our cart won’t make annoying squeaking noises or leave ugly marks on your floor. 
  • Tip Resistance: All Tryten medical carts meet IEC 60601 standards for tip resistance. The S3 has a compact but sturdy tip-resistant base for safety. You’ll never have to worry about your S3 falling over and breaking your expensive electronics. 
  • Versatile Design: The Tryten S3 accommodates laptops and portable medical devices up to 17”. With our affordable accessories and attachment mounts, you can add all the technology you need to the cart and switch out tools effortlessly throughout the day. 
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S3 Laptop Cart Benefits

The Tryten S3 laptop cart offers many advantages that will improve your workflow, saving you time and money.
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Adaptable Design

The flexible S3 cart can adapt to your changing technology and workflow. Tryten offers dozens of accessories you can use to mount most major medical devices on your cart. If we don’t have the perfect accessory available, contact us. Our experts can create a custom add-on for you.

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Affordable Price Point

The Tryten S3 laptop cart combines affordability with functionality. We provide high-quality performance at a reasonable price point. And after your initial purchase, our durable, low-maintenance design will save you money year after year.

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Compact Footprint

You can maneuver our slim cart anywhere for your point-of-care workflows. And when you finish using your workstation cart, you can tuck it away without taking up a lot of space.

Tryten Surgical Display Cart - Ergonomic and Customizable Design
OEM Branding

Whether you need one cart or one hundred, Tryten can help you customize your workstation. Our design team provides a range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Branding options to help you create the perfect laptop cart. You can add your logo to the cart base, integrate custom technology, and more.

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Maximum Portability

You can wheel our lightweight S3 laptop cart anywhere without breaking a sweat. Our sturdy wheels glide smoothly over asphalt, tile, and other surfaces.

Tryten Vital Signs Monitor - Improved Workflow and Reduced Traffic
Speedy Assembly

The Tryten S3 cart can go from the package to your patient’s bedside in minutes. Assemble our cart and install your devices without needing to ask IT or the factory for help.

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Remote Expert Support

Our expert representatives provide remote support whenever needed. If you need help designing or troubleshooting your cart, we’re available to help.

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We provide a 5-year limited warranty for every Tryten cart and accessory. You can rely on our durable products for years.

Streamline Your Workflow With the Tryten S3 Today

The Tryten S3 is the ideal laptop workstation in any healthcare setting. Reach out today for a quote. We will help you design the best laptop cart for your unique workflow. 

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We’ll make the S series work for you.

Contact us today to explore how our S series tablet and medical device carts can improve point of care workflows for both your providers and your patients.