Department of Health Western Australia Uses Tryten’s Nova Pro Tablet Cart to Improve Their Services

Department of Health Western Australia Uses Tryten’s Nova Pro Tablet Cart to Improve Their Services

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The Department of Health Western Australia is the department that is mandated with regulating healthcare in the State of West Australia. The state covers an area of 2.5 million square kilometers, making it the largest area served by a single public health system. Bearing the responsibility of almost three million Western Australians, the department is busy but efficient. In the 2016/17 financial year, they had approximately 1,000,000 attendances in the emergency departments, carried out 86,000 elective surgeries and had 25,000 delivered in their facilities.

As a public health system, The Western Australian Department of Health is tasked with a responsibility that goes beyond health facilities and services. It also has to formulate policies that ensure the entire healthcare system, including the private stakeholders, provide high-quality service in a safe and sustainable manner. This also involves oversight of all the key stakeholders.

In order to provide the best available health services to the people of Western Australia, the department is involved in all levels of a healthcare system. This includes creating systems that promote the prevention of illnesses, early intervention and primary care, accurate diagnosis, and efficient treatment, posttreatment care, and rehabilitation.

Modern technology has been of great assistance to both private and public health systems. It has ensured that the medical operations at all levels are fast, efficient, yet cost-efficient. Today, the medical tablet is one of the most utilized medical technologies. However, holding a tablet in the hospital or healthcare setting can be cumbersome. Tryten’s Nova Pro Medical Tablet Cart allows the medical staff to use the medical tablet without the worry of its safety. It secures the tablet effectively. The officer can then use the applications, data, and programs in the tablet freely while interacting with the patient. The Tryten Nova Cart Case is also available in the market and secures the Nova cart while in storage or being transported.