Nova Pro Tablet Cart for Research and Care in Mayo Clinic

Nova Pro Tablet Cart for Research and Care in Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a medical nonprofit organization based in Minnesota dedicated to providing patients with the best healthcare. Founded in 1863, Mayo Clinic has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the best and most trusted hospitals in the U.S. For the year 2017, the hospital was ranked as America’s number one hospital and has been in the top region for the past 25 years.

The successful Mayo Clinic system is built on integrated clinical practice, education and research. The hospital’s extensive research, as well as a commitment to quality patient care, has made it a popular destination for patients from all over the world. The hospital serves around 1.3 million patients per year with most of them having been referred by smaller facilities.

Mayo Clinic’s major campuses are in Rochester, Jacksonville, and Phoenix, Arizona. The strategic location of the three campuses allows the hospital to provide health care to the U.S. population. The campuses are also of phenomenal importance in advancing the hospital’s research agenda. The hospital also partially owns more than 70 hospitals in the US through the Mayo Clinic Health System.

Through its innovation, Mayo Clinic has allowed people that have never been to any of its campuses to enjoy its health services. This has mainly been achieved by embracing technology. For instance, the hospital has purchased thousands of Apple devices to be used in patient care. The hospital then developed a mobile application known as Synthesis Mobile. The app integrates Mayo Clinic’s health system. The hospital also had other apps developed for use by members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network intended to facilitate communication between patients and clinicians.

Through the use of technology, Mayo Clinic and members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network have improved patient care all over the world. As the hospital embarks on saving and improving the lives of patients, the Tryten healthcare carts enhance service delivery even further. The Nova Pro Cart for medical tablets allows the health practitioner or research scientist to use the medical tablet with ease. This improves research work, and doctor’s communication with other practitioners, patients, and their family.