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NOVA Pro Tablet Cart Ideal for Research-Oriented Massachusetts General

Founded in 1811, Massachusetts General Hospital is United States’ third oldest general hospital. At its inception, the hospital’s mission was to provide healthcare for all members of the society irrespective of their socioeconomic status. To date, one of the core beliefs guiding operations at Massachusetts General Hospital is that they can only achieve highest honors in serving, healing, education, and innovation by focusing on equity.

Soon after its founding, Massachusetts General Hospital partnered with Harvard University to become the first teaching hospital for the university’s new medical school. Since then, the hospital has continued to foster a culture of organizational collaboration. Through this practice, the hospital has been on the lead providing quality healthcare. Collaboration with various partners has allowed it to set the pace in medical research, education, and service to the community.

Massachusetts General’s hospital-based research program is the largest in the country tops the list of recipients of NIH’s hospital research funding. Through the program, some of the brightest minds in medicine work to integrate innovation and clinical medicine for the betterment of healthcare. The research done at the Massachusetts General Hospital has resulted in and continues to drive, discoveries and breakthroughs clinical research. Over the period of its existence, the research program has contributed immensely to better treatments for patients all over the world.

The Massachusetts General Hospital is today known all over the world for its success as a teaching hospital. The collaboration between its staff, medical students, and other stakeholders has led to ground-breaking discoveries and innovations. Tryten’s NOVA Pro Modular Medical Tablet Cart is ideal for the organization as it takes a technology-based approach towards research and health care. The tablet cart is designed for hospital settings and can be sterilized at request. We have also designed a Nova Custom Travel Case for the storage and transportation of NOVA Pro Modular Medical Tablet Cart.