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Exxon Mobil Embraces Technology With Tryten iPad Kiosks

Exxon Mobil’s rise from a regional kerosene dealer in the United States to a globally recognized brand is an inspiration for any startup enterprise. The ExxonMobil Company has grown over a span of over a century to become one of the leading companies in the oil and petroleum industry. Today, in the international petroleum industry, ExxonMobil is the largest publicly traded company.

Beyond the sale of petroleum, ExxonMobil is also a leader in environmental safety research. In 1980, just 8 years after renaming getting the new name, ExxonMobil established the Exxon Biomedical Sciences. The purpose of the research center was to study the environmental health impact of impact of ExxonMobil’s operations and products. The program has since developed to include research into clean green energy and other environmentally friendly practices.

ExxonMobil’s research team has also been looking at efficient ways of mining that cause minimum disruption to the ecosystem. Through the efforts of such research teams, Exxon can today drill horizontally to reach oils previously inaccessible wells with minimum environmental footprint.

As part of their guiding principles, Exxon is committed to supplying their customers with quality petroleum products. Therefore, even as the company strives to produce environmentally friendly products, they are careful not to compromise on the quality of their petroleum products. To this end, ExxonMobil has invested massively modern technology that promotes fuel efficiency.

Why Exxon Loves the Tryten iPad Kiosk

In all its operations, Exxon continues to be one of the leading petroleum companies in innovation. The company’s enthusiasm in researching and developing technologies gives Tryten a lot of pride to name them as one of their clients.

Tryten’s iPad Kiosk was developed for technologically oriented businesses like Exxon. It allows the Exxon workers to make use of their iPads without worrying about damaging or losing them. We are therefore glad that as our customers, Exxon’s employees can use the Kiosk technology to facilitate their work, research, and daily operations.