NOVA Pro Medical Tablet Cart Facilitating Chronic Treatment at CareMore

NOVA Pro Medical Tablet Cart Facilitating Chronic Treatment at CareMore

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CareMore has been in existence for over 20 years only but has totally disrupted the health care system for good. The company started in 1993 as a regional medical group in California. It has since opened centers in eight U.S. states serving more than 100,000 clients. CareMore’s innovativeness was shown in their model which went against the norm and targeted high-risk patients such as the chronically ill. The program has proven to be effective as proven by the high rate of successful treatment while operating at a relatively low budget.

The CareMore health system is a three-pronged model consisting of:

CareMore Care Centers

This part of the care model is designed to offer seniors an innovative, pro-active, integrated health care. The centers are based in the neighborhoods to provide additional service to the physician offices. It promotes the devolution of care and medical supervision to points that the patients can easily access. The patients, therefore, receive personalized and individualized health care and attention. This has been a major contributor to CareMore’s success story in treatment.

Chronic Care Management Programs

CareMore has created 14 disease management programs to improve care for people with chronic illnesses. In this plan of the CareMore model, the patients are first evaluated by medics to determine their medical status. Those that are found to be chronic are enrolled in the specialized disease management programs and monitored closely by specialists.

CareMore Extensivist

Under the CareMore extensivist plan, physicians carefully monitor patients during their transition back to the care centers or other relevant care programs. The physicians lead the CareMore team of medics such as case management teams, nurses, and medical assistants.

At Tryten, we find the success of CareMore both impressive and inspirational. The approach that CareMore took towards healthcare and the resultant success is a case study for innovativeness. As a company that is itself focused on innovation, we believe that the technology-intensive model of CareMore is compatible with many of our products. In particular, our Nova Pro Medical Tablet Cart would facilitate the operations of the hospitals and care centers. A Nova Cart Custom Travel Case is also available for the safe transportation and storage of the Nova Pro Tablet Cart.