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An estimated 700,000 hospitalized patient fall per year. Some of those at risk include the elderly, those who are unstable, confused, and suicidal, have neurological conditions/injuries, or are agitated from substance abuse or withdrawal. Falls not only impact patient wellbeing, but also impact the hospital’s cost of care. To prevent falls, and reduce the associated cost, hospitals are implementing devices, and hiring ‘sitters’ to watch the patient, and detect when they are attempting to get out of bed unassisted. Sitting can be labor intensive, hard to workload balance, and inefficient with varying skill levels. Now with the challenges of COVID, it is more important than ever to reduce the risk of physical sitters, and mitigate the isolation many patients are experiencing.


The Tryten Virtual Sitting Assistant with Logitech MeetUp can bring a virtual video sitter capability to the bedside, using an easy to position, small footprint, cost effective healthcare vehicle. The remote ‘sitter’ can be present in multiple rooms, provide interaction with patients as needed, and alert the nursing staff if their assistance is needed. The remote sitter can see and talk to the various patients and provide reassurance and guidance as needed.

Disclaimer: Tryten does not sell video accessories such as cameras, monitors or tablets. Our products are able to host existing customer investments.

Timely Deployment

Agile, lightweight design ships in a single box and is easily assembled making remote sitters quickly available anywhere, any time.

Safely Connected

• Decreases the exposure to the virus
• Decreases hospital injuries
• Decreases the risk of falls

Effective Assistance

• Connects patients who are feeling isolated
• Better nurse utilization

Cost Effective

• Decreases cost of bedside sitters
• Decreases the costs associated with Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HAC)

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