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Nurses have faced many more challenges during the time of COVID-19. In long term care and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) they are being required to gather vital signs more regularly, facilitate communications with family members, and help connect for telehealth encounters. In our schools, the nurse needs to be in more frequent contact with health authorities, district nurses and parents. They are faced with new procedures to identify possible cases of COVID-19 while still providing care to their non-COVID students, staff and school employees. In our hospitals, our nurses have been working day and night for almost a year caring for their patients under extremely stressful conditions. They are looking for ways to safely take care of their patients and collaborate with distant healthcare team members. What are safe, efficient solutions to help our nurses address the challenges they face?


Tryten’s Virtual Nursing Assistant is based on the Nova Pro Tablet Cart, which is lightweight, has a small footprint and is quick to position. It accommodates a variety of tablets, and video platforms. It enables nurses to quickly:

  • Establish telehealth visits to access remote expert opinions & guidance.

  • Gather vital signs efficiently as they do their rounds.

  • Set up family virtual visits with patients. 

  • Support virtual patient registration, triage, testing & vaccination efforts
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Disclaimer: Tryten does not sell video accessories such as cameras, monitors or tablets. Our products are able to host existing customer investments.

Agile Handling

Practitioners are quickly able to position with less space required and less effort moving so they can set up a telehealth consult or collect vital signs more easily.

Flexible Design

Nova Pro Cart is multi-functional and has options to easily adapt to various healthcare applications. It can be used to collect patient vitals, do patient registration, and support telehealth video calls.

Effective Assistance

Nova carts provide rapid access to remote experts and less interference with local care delivery. They support virtual healthcare encounters with the added flexibility of quickly positioning tablet height, pan, tilt, and rotation position for a hands-free telehealth or learning

Price Point

Nova Carts are usually 30-50% less than other like systems providing a better experience, which supports more cost-effective, safe care delivery.

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