Telemedicine Assistant


How do you quickly & easily access remote experts to support patient care?

In the past telehealth/telemedicine users struggled with heavy, expensive, difficult to use carts that presented a tangle of cables and connections making it a challenge for patient side providers to position and engage with the connected devices. All too often the cables would be inadvertently pulled, jammed back into a drawer, or left hanging haphazardly from the side of the cart in a disarray disrupting timely delivery of care or presenting a safety hazard. Ultimately cart adoption would be compromised due to how
difficult they were to use, how complicated they looked or how expensive they were.


Today Tryten has a novel approach to designing telehealth carts that help users avoid the pitfalls of previous generations by supporting the latest technological advances such as AOI monitors, novel concepts like our accessible central channel, and custom brackets for medical peripherals like Jedmed’s Horus Scope and ThinkLabs’ One stethoscope. It is an agnostic basic cart that is able to accommodate changes in technology over time, is aesthetically designed to be approachable and is offered at a historically affordable price.


Tryten (Beautiful, Simple, Clever Solutions) for easy use and adoption

  • We can quickly create custom brackets (accessories) to adjust to healthcare requirements during design, evaluation period and going forward
  • We also have additional accessories (like drawers, work surface and power assist lift) to help customize the telehealth cart to meet healthcare needs now and into the future.

A centrally located channel provides hidden cable management and flexible bracket placement

  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy access to cables
  • Facilitates customizing and adjusting location of items supported by brackets
  • Medical peripheral cables are neatly managed and make medical peripheral’s readily available to patient side practitioner. There is no need to open drawer, unwind cable, or risk catching other peripherals stored in drawer with cable as it is removed. Practitioner can easily grab the exam scope and stethoscope without dealing with cables that are stored in a drawer. Then when done, easily return to their holder without rewinding or trying to put into a drawer

  • Smart and simple access to the power/ethernet/medical peripheral/computer connections that are routed through the central channel avoids unwittingly disconnecting peripheral during use, and the associated unnecessary service call.

Designed to

  • strip away the unnecessary bulk and high price without compromising the standard of care

  • avoid unnecessary training with its simple intuitive design

  • provide freedom to make alterations and customizations as needed

  • accommodate user selected monitors, camera, and medical peripherals, and video software platforms if they may change over time

  • easily move and position which enhances practitioner adoption

  • simple management cables and secure device connections

Disclaimer: Tryten does not provide the video platform or software to integrate the peripherals.

Agile Handling

Practitioners are quickly able to position with less space required and less effort moving.

Flexible Design

Tryten Carts are multi-functional and have options to easily adapt to various healthcare applications.

Effective Assistance

Tryten carts provide rapid access to remote experts and less interference with local care delivery.

Price Point

Tryten carts are usually 30-50% less than other like systems providing a better experience, more cost-effective care and improved outcomes.

Nova OEM Solutions

Customized cart components designed to strengthen your brand and meet your needs.

Custom Device Adapters

Looking to use Novas with medical devices other than tablets? We are happy to discuss your needs and develop effective solutions.

& Color

Enhance your end users' experience of your brand with custom color and branding on your Nova carts.


Work with our world-class development team to create accessories for your unique configuration needs.

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