Screening Assistant
Screening is an important part of COVID-19 response as the country begins re-opening efforts
and as we prepare for a possible surge in the fall….


Many organizations including long term care, correctional facilities and manufacturing plants are facing multiple challenges from the COVID pandemic. How do they mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread among staff, employees, residents, and the community as they re-open now and prepare for fall? How can they quickly put into place the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 screening at points of entry in a safe efficient manner?


The Tryten Screening Assistant for healthcare, hospitals, long term care, clinics, SNF’s, and organizations securing their point of entry:

  • Provides rapid no touch temperature screening.

  • Uses AI based thermal sensor.

  • Will initiate visual and auditory instructions when person approaches display.

  • Automatically notifies staff if temperature is > 100 Fahrenheit.

  • Will instruct the presenting person to proceed with check in if their temperature is normal and if greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit will ask them to wait for assistance.

  • Creates a log of results which can be viewed from the mobile app.

  • Is pre-configured for easy set up.

  • Utilizes a Tryten Nova Pro cart that is lightweight, easy to position, and cost effective.

  • Has optional tray on the cart to support log entry of CDC screening questions.

  • Has optional pen holders positioned on the cart for ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ pens.

Disclaimer: Tryten does not sell video accessories such as cameras, monitors or tablets. Our products are able to host existing customer investments.

Timely Deployment

Agile, lightweight design ships in a single box and is easily assembled and comes with pre-configured software which means you can quickly begin screening and mitigating the risk of COVID spread.

Safe Screening

A greeting station with walk up access to a hands free capture of temperature avoids the problem of disposables associated with other methods and exposure to facility personnel. Capture at the point of entry mitigates the risk of bringing an infected person into the facility.


The Screening Assistant can be placed at points of entry and quickly capture temperature and determine who has a fever and facilitate next steps.


The Tryten Screening Assistant is based on the Tryten Nova Pro which is usually 30-50% less than other like systems. Not only is the Screening Assistant cost effective, but you also avoid the cost of a personal greeter and screener. Importantly, with a Screening Assistant you help mitigate the spread of the virus, minimize exposure and create a better outcome for the facility and community.

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