EHR Easy Access


Vehicles used for Telehealth, VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) and EHR Access typically utilize different carts. Each one needs to be stored, moved into position and are separate investments. This wastes time, uses up floor space, increases cost-of-care, increases cost of training, maintaining & managing different carts.


The EHR Easy Access is a non-powered, easy to push-and-position, multi-functional vehicle that supports EHR Data Entry, Telehealth and VRI. It is powered by an all-in-one medical grade monitor and can also run a separate brick CPU to a regular monitor of any size.  
Disclaimer: Tryten does not sell video accessories such as cameras, monitors or tablets. Our products are able to host existing customer investments.

Agile Handling

Nova carts are easily positionable, slide effortlessly under beds, are lightweight & require less space.

Flexible Design

Nova carts are multi-functional and have options to easily adapt to various healthcare applications.

Effective Assistance

Nova carts provide rapid access to remote experts and less interference with local care delivery.

Price Point

Nova carts are usually 30-50% less than other like systems. Sensible cost makes it readily deployable in small or large quantities as needed.

Nova OEM Solutions

Customized cart components designed to strengthen your brand and meet your needs.

Custom Device Adapters

Looking to use Novas with medical devices other than tablets? We are happy to discuss your needs and develop effective solutions.

& Color

Enhance your end users' experience of your brand with custom color and branding on your Nova carts.


Work with our world-class development team to create accessories for your unique configuration needs.

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